Winter Ready

In southern Alberta, winter can arrive unexpectedly, so it's best to be prepared. When you purchase, finance, or lease a qualifying new 2024-2025 vehicle, you can get $200 off a set of Bridgestone Blizzak Winter Tires and we'll provide free storage for your winter tires until you need them in Fall 2024! 

Why Winter Tires?

*All tire rubber will stiffen as the weather gets colder, but the latest generations of winter tires maintain their elasticity even at extremely low temperatures approaching -30 Degrees Celsius  and below, providing superior traction and grip. Winter/Snow Tires are specially designed tires that are intended  to work best in low temperatures and in snowy or icy conditions like the one we have in Alberta. They are designed to provide your vehicles with better traction than regular or all-season tires. This is achieved with deep treads and siping that can grip better on snow or ice, meaning it will give drivers improved ability  to start up a hill, stop or drive in deep snow.

*Content taken from Alberta Transportation website more information about winter driving safety can found at

Have questions about Winter Tires? Feel free to reach out to our tire specialist! Phil Rinke or call our parts department 403-329-6911.

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