Winter Driving Tips


Winter Is Still Here | Byron White

It is important respect the weather conditions for your safety and the safety of everyone around you.

Here are some Winter Driving Safety Tips:

  • Start by fully cleaning off your vehicle.  All windows , turn indicators, and lights must be completely exposed for safe driving.
  • Next, let your vehicle warm up for at least 5-10 minutes to make sure all your heaters are working and so your engine is ready to face the elements.
  • Always, keep a safe driving distance.
  • Keep your speed down.
  • Be sure your vehicle is equip with proper winter or all season tires and keep a safety kit in your vehicle in case you get stranded.

Winter driving requires your cooperation, please take in consideration these winter driving tip to help keep everyone safe on the roads.

Stay Safe 🙂

Byron White
Sales Consultant
Davis GMC Buick Ltd.