What is Super Cruise? How do I turn it on?

What is Super Cruise and how do I turn it on?

Super Cruise is GM’s hands-free driver assistance technology. Meant to be used on pre-mapped compatible roads, using advanced technology to give you the next level experience and convenience of hands-free driving!

Super Cruise in GMC Denali

What you’ll need:

In order to use Super Cruise, you will need an active OnStar ‘Super Cruise Plan’ which includes a data connection and Emergency Services. The data plan allows your vehicle to stay connected to the Super Cruise map which updates periodically. Emergency Services are used in the event drivers become unresponsive while Super Cruise is active; Certified OnStar Advisors will be able to assist you and can send EMS to your precise location if required. *With the purchase of a New Super Cruise Vehicle, you get 3 free years of connectivity. Afterwards a Super Cruise plan will need to be purchased.*


How to use:

Firstly, you’ll need to make sure your Adaptive Cruise is turned on. This can be done by pressing the cruise control On/Off button on the steering wheel. From here, Super Cruise can detect if you’re paying attention and on a compatible road; So when it is safe to do so, press the Super Cruise button on your steering wheel to engage the system. You’ll know it is activated when you see a Green Steering wheel symbol on your gauge cluster, and the light bar on the top of your steering wheel turns green!  To disengage, you can press the ‘Super Cruise button’ again or press the brake pedal.

*It is not recommended you use this feature in slippery conditions, when towing a trailer, in a tunnel or construction areas, when lane markings are faded or visibility is limited (rain, fog, etc.).*


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