What are the worst songs to drive to?

road trip

Who doesn’t like driving down the highway blasting a song and singing along trying to imitate every inflection in the voice and fun runs the artist is performing? If you are like me, there is no shame felt when that other car pulls up beside you and you are channeling your inner Freddie Mercury. Yet there are some songs that are actually a little dangerous to drive to. Dangerous in that they actually encourage a heavier foot and possibly encourage a bit of distracted driving. Studies are starting to pop up to actually determine which songs may be detrimental to listen to. Here is a top 10 of songs I can agree with making these lists. Feel free to add more in the comments bellow. Click on the song title to go to the music video.
10 Who Let the Dogs Out – Baha Men
What’s the harm in a fun nonsensical song like this? Well, quite honestly it’s basic rhythm and the ‘just can’t help but wave my arm in the air’ urges in this song encourage a little an extra speed and a little less attention being paid on the road.
9 Mambo #5 – Lou Bega
If you can get past the embarrassment of having your windows down and being caught listening to this song, it also has an adverse effect on the weight of your right foot.
8 Summer in the City – Loving Spoonful
Great song! Classic Song! Can’t help but sing along but…, any song featuring car horns and sounds of sirens are not conducive to a safe driving experience. Click on the video link and check out the sideburns on the singer, he could have been a stand in on the set of the movie Harry and the Hendersons!
Highway to Hell – ACDC
All arguments about Bon Scott (rest his soul) vs Brian Johnson are secondary to this songs ability to encourage a little bit of speedy driving and of course the mental imagery may take away from your actual destination.
6 Are you gonna go my way – Lenny Kravitz
Soaring vocals and an amazingly catchy riff! Definite recipes for a great song, in my humble opinion, but try not to go fast and listen to this song.
5 We are never ever getting back together – Taylor Swift
To be honest, you lost me at Taylor Swift. This song cracks the top 5 because of it’s driving catchy beat and underlying aggressiveness in its lyrics. Both help lead to a compulsion for speed.

4 Believe – Cher

Makes the list just because you would need to explain to the cop why you are listening to it. Just kidding, everyone can agree Cher is talented but the beat on this song is driving…, literally.
3 Ace Of Spade – Motorhead
Kind of obvious here but I still miss Lemmy, truly one of a kind.
2 Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
The scene from Wayne’s World…, ‘nuff said.
1 Firestarter – Prodigy
Go ahead, try not to speed. Sorry for bringing back the mental image of a creepy guy appearing out of nowhere in a tunnel (shudder), might not sleep tonight…,
There is my humble list, let’s open it up for more suggestions!