Vehicle Winter Safety! Safe driving tips when it gets cold and icy!

When the mercury drops down below the freezing point, there are things we need to do to make sure our vehicles are safe for travel.
Winter weather is not only hard on you, but it is even harder on your vehicle. The cold weather and harsh conditions will make your vehicle work harder. This may be enough for a pre-existing issue to snowball into a breakdown, and leave you on the side of the highway. Now is the time to have your vehicle serviced to prevent any problems down the road. If you need a service appointment, please click below:
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Winter tires are vital for driving in snowy and icy conditions. The soft rubber compound and super grip texture allow up to 25% increase in traction over traditional all terrain tires. If you want to maintain control in the worst of conditions, you will need to invest in a set of winter tires:
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Antifreeze Windshield Washer Fluid and Winter Wiper Blades
During winter driving, it is imperative to maintain visibility of the road when the weather turns sour. For these conditions, you have to install specialized wiper blades that do not freeze up in the slush and snow, as well as windshield washer fluid that is rated for -40°C.
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Winter Driving Survival Kit
If you ever become stranded on a highway during a blizzard, these things will be invaluable for you, so make sure you have them in your vehicle:
  • – Emergency kit containing non-perishable food, bottled water, blankets and first aid supplies
  • – Windshield scraper and snow brush
  • – Extra winter windshield washer fluid
  • – Spare tire, wheel wrench and jack
  • – Shovel and traction mat, sand or kitty litter
  • – Fuel line antifreeze
  • – Flares and matches or lighter
  • – Tire chains and gloves
  • – Flashlight and extra batteries
  • – Battery jumper cables
  • – Extra clothing and footwear
  • – Sandbags for extra weight
Keep your Fuel topped up
To prevent condensation and water buildup in your fuel system, it is recommended to keep your fuel tank at least half full. Water can freeze in your fuel lines leaving you stranded. It is also recommended to have Fuel Line Antifreeze in your Winter Driving Survival Kit.
Safe Travel Practice
Before you head out, make sure you have looked at the forecast so you know what to expect. Heed any weather warnings and plan accordingly. Make sure you have your cell phone with you, fully charged, and have a car charger with you just to be extra sure. Lastly, tell someone where you are going, and when you should arrive/be back. Just in case you have trouble, and for some reason you can’t contact anyone for help (phone dies, no reception, etc.).
We hope these tips keep you safe this winter and during the Holiday Season, from your friends at Davis.
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