Trading in your vehicle? Don't be took!

Don’t be taken on a trade-in !


Its a commonly known thing amongst car dealers – We know you can buy a vehicle from anywhere and anyone. This is why we strive to serve you with the best customer service in Lethbridge. We know that customers buy from people they trust.  Perhaps it isn’t commonly known amongst car dealers because we continue hear of the horror stories most encounter when purchasing from a dealer. Especially when it comes to their trade-ins.

At Davis GMC Buick we do things differently. A big “hook” that car dealers are using these days is “We will give you more money for your trade-in than any one else in town”.  Countless times people have brought their quote to us asking if we can match it. Many times we can! But much of the time, we find that our competitors will give you good value on your trade, and simply mark up the value of your new vehicle.

Our offer to you…


If you are shopping for a vehicle and you wish to do a trade-in, come to Davis GMC Buick and we’ll break down your vehicle trade-in quote and show you the quote-on-quote, “deal” that a different dealership is offering you. We’ll take that quote and compare a trade for one of our vehicles.  You will see that the quote a competitor gives you is built into the price of the vehicle you purchase…

We’re one of the best GMC dealers in Alberta and we’ll help you compare your trade-in quote, and if you are still more comfortable purchasing from a competitor, no hard feelings; we will shake your hand and wish you the best!

If you think you’re being taken on a deal or if you feel your quote is too good to be true… Bring your quote to a GMC, Buick dealer in Alberta that knows their stuff and then some.

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