TOP 5 GM Movie Stars- by Cole Balog

Everyone enjoys a classic movie but, a lot of people have no idea that we are continually being exposed to the persuasion of everyday marketing. GMC has been one of those companies that has continually placed its product in the limelight for millions of people to see up close and personal. Below you will find the top five movies in which GM products are readily available to view in non stop action. 

1) In 2007 the movie Transformers came out and was a record shattering blockbuster in its time. This movie has an obvious case of product placement in where it displays the Chevrolet Camaro as the transformer character Bumblebee. If a person does not want to hop into a Camaro after this display of theatrics they should check themselves into crazy town right after the movie.

2) The Lethal Weapon Series has to be one of the all time classics for the male population. This four movie series gives you comedy, girls, action, and best of all; the continual depiction of the GMC pickup in the late 80’s. Mel Gibson can be seen driving this truck all over the road and the combination of Mel Gibson’s character and this large dualie pickup make you want to grab a bottle of whiskey, some dog treats, a gun, and hit the back country for some four by fouring.

3) In Smokey and the Bandit the black T-top Trans Am Pontiac can be seen cruising at all speeds up and down the highway, back country, and inner cities. After the premier of Smokey and the Bandit, GM witnessed the number Trans Ams sold rise from 46,701 in 1976 to 93,341 in 1978, this being proof that product placement does work.

4) After the success of the Trans Am in Smokey and the Bandit GM decided to test out the concept of product placement on the big screen by displaying the Trans Am once again in the always famous television series Knight Rider, where a Trans Am named KITT becomes a talking car that fights crime. How do things get better than this?

5) Ok, I lied I can only think of four movies/TV series where the GM product is displayed in obvious fashion but, I never said I was a genius at the beginning of this either. 

Cole Balog

Davis GMC Buick- Sales & Lease Consultant