Top 10 Songs for your GM Vehicle

If you’re out on the road this summer, I want to help you find the best tunes to listen to while you’re driving down the highway in your GM Vehicle.

If you’re like me you probably can never decide what you want to listen to, and end up listening to 15 songs in 30 seconds. By the time you get to your destination you still haven’t even heard a complete song. As a Lethbridge Car Dealer, I want to remedy that. Here are some “go to’s” that you can just turn on and enjoy when you get into your vehicle.

 #10.  Somethin’ bout a truck, Kip Moore – For starters who doesn’t like songs about trucks, beer and hot girls.
 #9.    Chuck Berry, Johnny B Good – Just make sure you don’t hit that gas pedal to hard when you start tapping your foot.
 #8.    Can’t Stop, Red Hot Chili Peppers –  Cause no one can stop listening to the chili peppers.
 #7.    Cruise, Florida Georgia Line – Country really does know what’s important in life. Watch the music video, you’ll get it.
 #6.    Truck Got Stuck, Corb Lund – Who hasn’t got their truck stuck….? (None of us GM Truck drivers, I can tell you that)
 #5.    Highway to Hell, AC/DC – CLASSIC!!!
 #4.    Roll on Down the Highway, Bachman Turner Overdrive –  Everyone heard this song growing up.
 #3.    Truck Yeah, Tim McGraw – Enough said. (Click the link, I’ll show you a truck that’ll make you say ‘Truck Yeah‘.
 #2.    Drivin’ Around Song,  Colt Ford – Country gone rap? (but it has a good beat to it)
 #1.    5-1-5-0, Dierks Bentley – Nothing like a kickstart to the heart with some adrenalin when you see those flashing lights in your mirror. . 

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