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Alberta Buick DealerTop 10 Reasons to shop at Davis GMC Buick – An Alberta GMC Dealer

1. We don’t have Lot boys, we have lot men. How many times have you been on a lot and you see Timmy supposed-to-be-shovler inside drinking hot chocolate trying to keep warm? Rain, Scorching heat, unforgivable blizzards, howling winds, sub-zero temperatures, and those guys are out making our lot pristine every day.

2. Not only is our staff more knowledgeable then the cats next door, but were also better looking too. We may not be photogenic, but yea… smarter, cooler – The usual. If you don’t think looks matter when buying a car or truck, just ask Wade. We sell the best GMC Trucks in Alberta, the nicest Buick Cars in Alberta, and we look mighty fine doing it too.

3. We have a café pumping out some of the best gourmet meals in Lethbridge.  If they are going to have the same meals in the same month, its because it was downright awesome and we have asked for them to fill our stomachs again and again. Crowd favorite around here, Taco Casserole. Get your tire rotation, get a meal. –Now that’s  “Meal on Wheels!!!” “No?, you don’t have to…”

4. You can come here and get an oil change in Lethbridge that doesn’t have a gaping hole in the ground potentially leading to your death. You may think I am being a little more dramatic then I should be. But, have you ever driven over top of a 11ft hole in the ground? Okay so its not that deep, but if its not the hole that will do you in, it will be the cardiac arrest from inching ever so slowly over top of the thing.

5. It’s simple to buy a car here. A lot of dealerships have over 73 pages of documents you need to sign, likely in a recording studio while under video surveillance.  Once the polygraph test is complete they give you a soda and shake your hand goodbye. Okay so it’s not that difficult, but our A GM financing department makes it super easy to get the financing you need.

6. “I ll make you clean that using a toothbrush” – Ever heard that expression? Our detail centre takes that expression to heart. The employees at our detail center quite literally clean every nook and cranny of your vehicle with some of the smallest tools from, Toothbrushes to even Q-tips. We’re the number one place for auto detailing in Lethbridge.

7. We have a Lethbridge collision repair center, not an auto body.   The word auto body, what is it any way? Clearly “auto” derives from the ancestral Greek terminology dating back to about 1685:  Automotive. The term “body” well that could have derived from many different Greek, Latin even Hebrew origins dating back as far Circa 660, so who really knows.  Collision Center on the other hand.  Simple, a Location for repairing vehicles that have been involved in a collision.  We are the number one place for Collision repair in Lethbridge.  Please do not quote me on this origin of the word auto body.  I’m probably right though…

8. Our used cars and trucks, really aren’t used at all.  They were cared for, appreciated, named, spoken to, read to, cleaned, maintained, bathed. If a car came to me saying, “Hey Jordan I feel used” I personally would feel taken advantage of.  I would reply, “Hey car, I hope you get sold soon – I have taken very good care of you, nurtured you as if you were one of my own,  then parked you nicely amongst rest of your friends .  Now you have the audacity to come to me with that kind of appreciation, hmmm” – What I am trying to get is that we have the best kept used cars in Lethbridge.

9. Were cool – Bottom line.  Celebrities have Facebook and Twitter, and THEY seem pretty cool.  I like that they’re constantly reaching out to their fans on Facebook.   You wanna know what we went out and did? We went out and got Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and a Blog – take that Justin Bieber. That makes Davis GMC in Lethbridge 3X cooler than he is soooo… Where do you shop for cars?

10. We have a big screen TV hooked up to satellite – Enough said.

Okay, by now you have thought to yourself this is Davis GMC Buick is just being silly, sharing fun facts as to why you should come in to Davis.  but lets be honest, these are the REAL facts!!!!  After reading these top 10 reason why to come to Davis for Auto Service in Lethbridge, you and I both know you would rather go some where that truly cares about it’s customers and not just looking to make a quick buck.

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