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Top 5 Movies to Pack in your Car

Top Movies to Pack in your Car | by  Cole Balog

When it comes to movies everyone has their personal opinions and will debate to the death about the good ones and the bad ones. I believe when it comes to these debates pretty much everyone is out to lunch and they have no idea what they are talking about. Here is my list of movies to pack in your GMC or Buick that will leave you astounded with amazement.

5) MAD MAX Fury Road – The Mad Max series with Mel Gibson is one of those classics that will never get old. The Thunderdome will live on in the hearts of grown men until the day they die. Fury road takes the Mad Max to a whole new level. The non stop action will keep anyone awake while driving a vehicle down the road. With the high speed vehicle chases that go on in the movie it will make driving exciting again. This is a must see if you have not already and it is a movie that you will likely want to watch a few more times after the first viewing.

4) Finding Nemo – Let’s be honest if you are packing movies on the road and your family vehicle has a DVD player chances are you have kids. Therefore, we should probably keep this party PG. With that said Finding Nemo is a classic that never fails the intended audience. This movie contains great humor for the kids, a few hidden jokes for the adults, and just plain old good comedy. Put this movie on in your vehicle and you will have a fully captured audience.

3) Descpicable Me – This is a great movie that all audiences can watch. If you have ever heard an adult speak ill words about this movie than I would advise you remove this person from your world of friends. This has every level of comedy along with a great story to boot. A timeless movie that will be spoken about in years to come.

2) Water World – This is a movie that will bring me some flack for sure but, I really do not care. Water World is a movie that will live on through the generations. A movie that can be watched and admired by all ages as it revolves around a world that is hard to imagine but, very intriguing to watch. With just the right amount of Violence, humor, and romance this is a movie that would be a great add to the road trip collection.

1) The Jungle Book (2016) – If you would like a movie with great humor, a bit of fright, unbelievable plot, quality acting, and undeniable distraction for the kids than the Jungle Book is the movie for you. This is a story that has lasted for a few generations and I am sure it is a story that will last after we are gone. The Jungle Book is a timeless collection for all ages and without a doubt a must see.

Cole Balog | Sales Consultant @ Davis GMC Buick.

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