Hail Damage Repair in the Lethbridge Area

Has your vehicle been in a recent hail storm in the Lethbridge, Taber or Fort Macleod areas?

The hail damage repair experts in Lethbridge at Davis GMC Buick have some valuable advice to share on what to do if your vehicle is caught in a hail storm.

Sometimes, hail dents are very minor and hard to see. Looking for hail dents in direct sunlight is the worst way to look for hail damage. Instead, a garage with florescent lighting is the best place to look for dents. Even though you may think the dents are minor and not worth a claim, the damage could greatly affect your resale value of your vehicle as most hail claims are over $3,000.

Many insurance companies will try and push you to take a cash payout on the hail claim as this relieves them from any further damages found during repairs, as well as any future damage to the vehicle. For example, if you take a payout on a hail claim and experience a second hail damage incident that is worse than the first, that damage may not be covered. Or, if you have a collision claim the insurance company may prorate the part that is damaged in the collision as they have already paid out a portion of the part in the hail claim.

If you are unsure if you have hail damage or are unsure of the extent of your hail damage, come by for a free hail damage estimate in Lethbridge at Davis GMC Buick and we can help answer any insurance concerns you may have.

Contact our hail damage experts at 1-866-569-9734 or email hailexperts@davisgm.ca

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