Tim Hortons Gift-Card Giveaway | Davis GMC Buick

Last week I put an image up of our 1000 fans iPad give-away.  Mentioned under that post was that you could be entered in a Tim Hortons gift card. Hope you got in on time….I even left er open until Monday!

I am pleased to announce that Tim M. Cherniwchan is a winner of a $25 Tim Hortons gift card.  Its really too bad we didnt give this away while Roll Up the Rim was still going. I feel that Tim would have shared some of his earnings with me!

Tim – Come in to Davis GMC Buick and our front reception will have your gift card waiting for you.  Don’t fret everyone – Tim has 4 business days to pick up his prize. If not we will re-draw it!

Take care everyone. Don’t forget we’re giving away an iPad when we at 1000 Likes.  Last month we had well over 100 likes in just under two weeks! Not too shabby – With your help we can reach 1000 in a short period time.

Thanks for participating!

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