The ONLY GM Sierra/Silverado Truck Era Photo to-date

Could this photo be the only photo that contains all of the General Motor Sierra & Silverado trucks since inception? We have searched across the web looking for a single photo that contained each model year that GM Produced and couldn’t.
Beginning of October we created a 2014 GMC Sierra Launch. With this truck being the newest truck design in the GM Family we wanted to introduce the truck in a way that would put the manufacturer would be jealous of.

The entire night was a highlight. From 6pm till 930pm, we brought in catered food from The Black Tomato, set up a 2014 Sierra test drive track, brought in Product Specialist – Lance Potruff from General Motors, and lastly we organized our Sierra Era Display. The Era display was one of the highlights of our night. Clean shop, clean trucks. So nice I’m sure we could of charged admission!
Search Davis Lethbridge on Facebook. We’ve got all of our photos from our truck Launch live right now.
Until someone else comes out of the woodwork with this statement. We’re claiming that this is the only photo that contains every General  Motors Sierra/Silverado truck style ever made. All short box’s too.
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Now share this photo with your friends and family. Lets see if we do in fact have the only GM Sierra/Silverado Era Photo.
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