The New 2014 Grizzly Bear, aka GMC Sierra.

What do get when you lift a 2014 GMC Sierra? You get a 2014 Grizzly Bear.

The 2014 GMC Sierra has been in Alberta for a few months now, and you’re starting to see them out on the road. Every single time you pass one, its like driving and seeing a moose; you’re not going to stop at the side of the road, get out and look at it. But you’re definitely going to stare in awe as you drive by.

Finally after a few months of waiting, and Winter soon to be on the horizon, we decided that we wanted to bring this truck from classy-aggressive, to classy and simply mean. Davis Customs‘ created a  lifted 2014 GMC Sierra that is going to tweak necks. This custom truck has a 7″ lift, Fuel Maverick Black milled Wheels, Toyo Open Country ATII Tires. Finally we smoked the taillights giving the truck a new attitude.

Come test drive this truck and find out what is like to drive a lifted 2014 Grizzly Bear.

Without a doubt the new Sierra body style is nothing but class, and with new curves and lines added, the Sierra looks like it took a crash course in looking aggressive. And the fuel economy? You’ll be giddy when you’re checking your fuel gauge when you’re driving your new Sierra from Lethbridge , to Calgary and back again with lots of fuel to spare.

Come in to Davis GMC Buick today, and speak to our Davis Customs team about customizing your ride exactly how you want it. Our Davis Customs team aren’t just accessory people… They’re car and truck enthusiasts.

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