The Keg Steakhouse Give-Away!

The last two weeks of April our Davis GMC Buick Facebook page had a contest asking people to submit their favorite April Fools Joke.  We gave our fans a little bit of control whether they won or not.  Fans submitted their April Fools Day joke and could get their friends to vote on it.  The person with the most “likes” won!

Here are some of my favorites!

Jeremy Reierson

“Put kool aid powder in the mechanics work gloves . Your choice for color . A little bit is all you need but your hands sweat inside the gloves turning them a nice bright color.”

Sherry Malley:

“My Dad Smeared Peanut butter on the back of the seat of the toilet in the office bathroom, Everyone was trying all morning to guess who it was. At noon, My dad went in there (He had bleached the toilet down first) And everyone followed cause he is a clean freak. And he went in the stall, And said Who the heck ………….. Then swipped his finger in the top of it. Put in up to his nose, And said Smells like Jake. The tasted it. And said yup, Jake. Everyone started gagging. Those who knew what he was doing were dying laughing.”

Susan Eyman:

” When I first moved to Lethbridge the Herald used to publish an April Fool’s article each year. Each year they were awesome and fooled 1/2 the town. West Lethbridge splitting and becoming it’s own City; billboard ad sales on the High Level bridge. I hear the City phones rang off the hook with freaked out citizens.”

Okay, okay – The winner!

The person taking the Keg Gift Steakhouse gift card is Sherry Malley!!! With a whopping 34 “Like”.  Sherry dominated this contest with one of the BEST April fools jokes Ive heard in a very long time. I wish I ran this contest sooner so I had a chance to jack one of these!!!

Sherry – Come on in to Davis GMC Buick and pick up your gift card! 115 W.T. Hill Blvd Across from the Casino!

Davis GMC Buick
115 w.t. Hill Blvd S
1 866 626-0577

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