Starbucks Gift Card Winner!

Today we made a fairly simply riddle for those who follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Yes – The blind man looking for a saw simply had to ask. haha cant believe it was that easy.  The winner of the Starbucks gift card, Facebook contest is Jenn Schmidt-Rempel.

It was pretty close to be honest – The winner had to not only answer on our Facebook wall but also send me an email with the subject “I Did it”.  Jenn’s email was sent to me and had won by approximately 25 seconds!!!!! Congrats Jenn!

Jenn come in to Davis GMC Buick and ask reception for your prize! If you did not win, don’t Fret! Jenn has 3 business days starting tomorrow to come in and pick up the prize. If she does not – Well we will do another riddle. haha only more difficult  this time.


Thanks for participating!

Davis GMC Buick
115 Wt Hill Blvd S
1 866 626-0577
403 329-4444

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