Repair Tips: Vehicle Hail Damage

As of late mother nature has not been kind to Lethbridge and surrounding area. If your vehicle needs hail damage repair, there is a few things we want to share about hail damage repair insurance claims.

1. Take your time. Make the Right Decision.

Like any big decision, you should take your time to ensure you’re making the right choice. A lot of the time you may feel rushed to repair your vehicle. You need to know you have at least 1 year to complete your repairs. Always check with your insurance company on the details of your policy.

2. You Choose Where You Repair

The choice of repair facility is always yours and yours alone. When it comes to choosing a vehicle hail damage repair facility picking an established and repeatable dealer is the best way to ensure you get top workmanship and service. Your insurance company will always be there for you. However, where the hail is, the mobile hail repair shops are too. If anything were to happen after the repair – you can guarantee Davis GMC Buick will always be around.

3. Our Warranty Isn’t Seasonal

At Davis GM, when the hail season is over, our warranty doesn’t pack up and go. When the mobile companies leave town, they’re gone, making warranty claims or resolving issues more difficult. Nobody enjoys repairing your vehicle. We can make it easy, and stress free – and we’ll still be here if hail happens again.

4. Established

Davis GM has been a pioneer in Hail repair offering solutions like Paintless Dent Repair in the Lethbridge area for over 10 years. Our Paintless Dent Repair Technicians are Certified Journeymen who understand and have the skill sets for all aspects of Hail Repair including Traditional Collision Repair.

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