Recycling Pick Up in Lethbridge – Coming Soon?

Over the years, there has been a lot of talk about a home recycling pickup service. There are definitely pros and cons to this. This idea has been implemented in many cities, and even small towns.

At your local New and Used Car Dealer Davis GMC Buick, we have decided that this is a good thing. Now our poll wasn’t done to a science… But if you run around asking 10 different home owners, and 6 Say “yes”, and “4” say no. Well that’s as close to science as you’re going to get.

Here are some arguments from both parties.

Comments on Social Media that are FOR the Recycling program in Lethbridge –

  • “Everytime you start your vehicle to go to the recycling depot there is cost involved. Gas, wear and tear not to mention polution. So unless you live next to a recycle bin or you walk to it, it is costing you something. I do my part in recycling but it would be nice not to have to haul it halfway across the city to do it.”
  • I think it’s funny the people that are complaining about a cost? What’s $8-10 a month. You don’t think you waste that on gas to drop of your recycling once a week for a month.”

Comments on Social Media that are AGAINST the Recycling program in Lethbridge –

  • “We should be able to opt in or out and just add a fee to the bills of those electing to participate… easy.”
  • “I also am not in support of this because this means i have no choice as to when i can get rid of my recycling. I like being able to go to the stations twice a week if i have a lot to do and dont have the space to keep it all.”
  • “I’m sorry but I’m not in support of this. I already do my own recycling and it doesn’t cost me anything. And another thing. What’s stopping people from just throwing their recycling in the trash? I fully support doing our part to help the environment but not if it’s gonna cost me money.”

So the true Lethbridge Poll say 80% are for it, while 17% are against it. Tell us on our Facebook wall your own thoughts and feelings. Are you for home recycling pick up, or against it?