Lethbridge Bulls Experience

Lethbridge Bulls Experience

Davis GMC Buick Lethbridge Bulls Experience
Lethbridge Bulls Experience

Lethbridge Bulls Experience Contest

Lethbridge Bulls Experience sponsored by Davis GMC Buick. The winning team each week will win T-shirts for the players, tickets for the players and coaches to a Lethbridge Bulls home game along with a Lethbridge Bulls Experience at the game. This contest is open to Lethbridge Little League- Minor Division teams along with Lethbridge Softball U10 teams. Each contest will run starting on a Thursday at noon and ending on a Tuesday at noon. We will hold 4 contests this 2017 season. Each week the team with the most votes will win. This contest is ran using the company Woobox, they give Davis GMC Buick the official count of what team had the most votes. Voting is allowed once a day per facebook user. A team can only win once for the 2017 season.


Contest 1: May 4-May 9,
Winner #1: U10 Softball Giants
Contest 2: May 11- May 16,
Winner #2: Southwest Minor Division Cubs
Contest 3: May 18- May 23,
Winner#3: Southwest Minor Division Athletics
Contest 4: May 25- May 30,
Winner#4: Southwest Minor Division Mariners


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