Now Offering Windshield Replacement in Lethbridge

Have a cracked windshield? Davis Lethbridge is excited to announce that we are now offering windshield replacement in Lethbridge.
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New Vehicles, Used Vehicles, Parts, Service, Tires and Collision – Now we can add Windshield glass replacement to the list. Davis GMC Buick continues to prove that we are the ultimate car dealership by employing expert windshield installers that will replace your windshield with the same level of customer service you’ve grown to expect from Davis GMC Buick. 
If you’ve got multiple rock chips or cracks, Davis GMC Buick is the best place to get a windshield replacement in Lethbridge. We have some of the most competitive pricing around.
Car Windshields, Starting at: $235.95
Truck Windshields, Starting at: $199.95
SUV Windshields, Starting at: $235.95


Question: How long will it take to get my windshield replaced?
Answer: The installation normally takes around one to two hour to complete. The vehicle should not be driven for at least one hour or more depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

Question: Do you carry all windshield makes and models?
Answer: Our inventory is well stocked with the most common makes and models on the road today. However, some makes and models will need to be ordered because of special features, like Rain Sensors or unique glass types. For most glass orders, we can have your windshield in 24hours.

Question: Is the replacement windshield the same level of quality as the original manufactured windshield?
Answer: Yes! Aftermarket windshield are rated as high as the OEM windshield. We understand that some customers prefer OEM windshields and we install those as well.

Question: Do I have to bring my vehicles to the dealership?
Answer: Yes. We need to make sure our expert glass installers view the vehicle to ensure we meet the promised delivery time.

 In the mean time, while you lift your eyes just above that crack in your windshield, or you shift side to side so that rock chip is directly in your line of site – Check out Davis Lethbridge on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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