My favorite thing about Bluetooth.

Today during my morning break  I decided to go out on our outdoor patio for some fresh air.  It’s nice to go outside, have a coffee and like I said,  get some fresh air.

I am probably the only fortunate one to witness the site I am about to describe to you.  I look down to and to my surprise there man in his vehicle very evidently in some sort of crisis.  I am clearly too far away to simply ask the man if there is any problem.  Not too sure if I would anyhow…He was pretty upset.

With arms flailing and blood pressure rising the gentleman jumps out of his vehicle and continues to rage. Thinking there was someone else in the vehicle I thought to myself, “who is he yelling at?”

I guess this is one of those stories where you have to be there, but this was great.  I was able to finally come to the realization as to what was happening when he turned around, (ending his phone call with his bluetooth headset) only to be greeted by one of our sales staff.

I’m sure whoever helped this man had no idea of the trauma this gentleman was just experiencing… and how would he, the man played it perfectly!  Whatever was going on in that man’s life abruptly stopped, then quickly rejuvenated by –  like I said laughter, smiles and handshakes.  It was great, it was like watching a dog bark at his reflection in the mirror-  then quickly persuaded by a tasty treat.

You see this periodically at stop lights or street corners; someone “talking” to themselves.  Maybe this whole ordeal shows how big a small town kid I really am.

Either way this was a treat for me and it always will be!

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