Impress Your Mechanic and Save Money

Its not an uncommon story where you hear from friends or family that “you took your car in for an oil change… and next thing you know you’re being told you need a gold plated radio antenna or platinum infused windshield wiper fluid…

Many automotive repair places have created a stigma for themselves with this exact type of up-selling!  Sometimes these auto shops will suggest legitimate maintenance that is actually necessary – take Davis GMC Buick and their auto body shop in Lethbridge.

If you know exactly what needs to be done to your vehicle you will save money, stress and headaches. Here are a few tips to keep you on par with your mechanic!

1.  Do your research – Ask your friends and family where they have had the best experience.  Google also gives car repair shoppers the ability to see what others are saying about that business through stars and review.  If you are about to trust a stranger to fix something you rely on every day, there is no one you can trust more than those who have dealt with that mechanic or collision centre.

2. Be Descriptive – Nobody is a auto expert other than the experts themselves. If you don’t know the lingo thats okay! If you can describe to your auto tech the sounds, the clunks, squeeks or rattles, they should be able to figure out what you’re talking about more quickly which will save you money. Ask yourself, was it cold when it made that sound, was it rainy, humid, hot? The more you can tell the mechanic the less time he or she will need to diagnose the issue.

3. Take em for a ride – Never be afraid to ask your mechanic to go for a ride.  If you cannot describe your problem and it seems to only happen when the vehicle is in motion, take them for a drive.  Don’t rely on the mechanic to figure out the issue… They could potentially “fix” an issue that you weren’t referring too.

4. Ask for Proof – If they recommend replacing something simply ask them for proof and ask them why.  If there is nothing to hide they should confidently show you the issues.

5. Ask, Ask, Ask – Question everything! If you are going to be facing a large repair bill, you better know exactly what you’re paying for.  They are experts for a reason, you want to take their word for it, but not everyone can be trusted, except for us of course 🙂 – There is no such thing as too many questions. If you simply don’t trust mechanics and don’t ask questions, the mechanic can fix your car to a tee, but you will still stress yourself out wondering if you paid to much or if you really needed that new car part.

Taking your vehicle somewhere for repairs can be intimidating – don’t let it be.  By asking questions and showing an interest puts you in control. Doing research or coming prepared with questions will save you money in the end.  By following these steps you can save money by investing your own time and showing your mechanic you might know a thing or two. You will save time, money and stress by asking simple question and showing an interest.

With your help you can help us win the battle against dishonest auto repair shops!

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