How to Disinfect your Smartphone correctly.

There is currently a lot of concern about the transmission of germs, and while it is a good policy to keep your surroundings clean on a regular basis, there is one object that almost everyone has in their pockets that may not be top of mind when thinking about contamination and exposure, and that is:
Funny how we look at it constantly, but don’t see it in the context of something we touch multiple times a day… 😉
There are many different brands and models of phones out there, so it is always a best practice to go directly to the manufacturer involved, to get specific information about the device you own, so, I will offer some “common sense” advice first, and provide links to the major manufacturers websites, as they ultimately know best how to care for the devices they make;

Common sense tips:

  • Never use a paper towel or tissue to clean a touch screen, use a clean microfiber cloth; at the microscopic level these products have little fibers that can harm a touch screen surface, and cause little scratches and swirls that may eventually scratch, dull or cloud the surface of the device.  (This goes for your vehicle’s touch screens as well 😉)
  • Harsh abrasives and corrosive cleaning chemicals are also to be avoided, as they can damage or reduce/remove the special coatings that keep other oils and contaminants from reducing the quality of the device.
  • Keep water away from electronic devices, as it can cause many different unintended consequences, from surface damage to internal issues.
  • Always follow the manufacturer suggested cleaning process, this can be found in paperwork provided with the purchase of your device, and/or online, on the manufacturers current website.
Apple recently updated their device support webpage to reflect not only questions about how to clean your Apple product, but also specifically how to DISINFECT your device correctly, hopefully other manufacturers will soon follow suit.
In the meantime, please take a moment to visit your device’s manufacturer’s webpage at the following links:
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