How To Disable The GMC Sierra MultiPro Inner Tailgate With The Simple Push Of A Button!

GMC MultiPro Tailgate

Recently, we have had a couple calls from customers asking if there is a fuse or wiring that can be removed to disable the GMC Sierra MultiPro Inner Tailgate; well, this may be a much better alternative!

(*Not available on all models and trim levels*)

To disable the inner gate, press and hold the upper button for three seconds.  After three seconds, the taillights will flash to indicate that the inner gate has been disabled.  *Please be aware that the key fob must be within three feet of the tailgate for this  to work.

To reactivate the inner tailgate on the GMC Sierra, once again press and hold the upper tailgate button for three seconds.  The taillights will flash once again, indicating that the inner gate functionality has been restored!

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Jarrett King- Davis GMC Buick Delivery Specialist