How Many Champaign Bottles Needed? Twenty-Two Please.

Davis Auto Group
The Davis Auto Group is entering their 25th year in business, and we are so proud to announce for the second year in a row we’ve placed in the top of the Top 50 Employers in Canada.
Last year the 2012 Small, Medium and Large Business Awards ranked us 43rd in Canada. When we cracked the top 50 spot, Queens University provided us with information on how we can continue to improve our ranking and ultimately improve how we manage the employees of the Davis Auto Group.
With that information provided to us by Queens University, the Davis Auto Group made big (improvements?) over the course of the last 365 days in order to even-better manager our employees.
So how many bottles of champagne will we be needing? Twenty-Two please….
After a long awaited period of time, we have our results. Once again we made the Top 50 Employers in Canada. This time, ranked number 22.
Don’t believe us? Check out Novembers Maclean’s Magazine.
Check out Davis Lethbridge’s Facebook page. Its fun, its engaging and its informative. There you will find photos of our announcement, our awards and our celebration (Dec 7th). Browse the photos of the many Davis Lethbridge events from, our Truck Giveaway, our December Turkey Trot, Christmas Parties, and more.
We want to thank our employees for continuing to provide the managers of the Davis Auto Group the insight so that we may provide top notch training, services, and benefits that make the Davis Auto Group one of the best companies to work for in Canada.
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