GMC Canada adds Turbo to the 1500 Line-Up.

GMC Canada’s new TURBO means Business

Anyone who knows trucks in Canada, knows there has long been only one player in the Turbo engine powered truck game, well there is a new kid on the block and GMC Canada means business.

GMC Canada has entered the fray with a potent 2.7L Turbo Engine, paired with a smooth and sultry 8 Speed Automatic.  The new Turbo engine produces a surprisingly peppy 310 Horsepower, and 348 lb/ft of torque.  This engine is  lively, as it gets off the line promptly with an extremely sporty feel.  The 8-speed transmission is the perfect fit for the new Turbo Engine, as it shifts extremely smooth and allows the engine to work seamlessly without restriction.

Turbo Engine Towing Capabilities

Now I know what you are going to say…I need my V8 to tow! Well, beyond the sportiness of this new Turbo Engine lies an extremely versatile engine that’s not afraid of work.  Towing capacity tops out at a very respectable 7200 pounds, not to mention a beefy 2280 pounds of payload capacity.  So, when it comes to work this truck might not do all the heavy lifting, but it will definitely handle the majority of the day to day work that Canadians subject their light duty trucks too!

Affordable Trim Level Options with Turbo Engine

Do you currently drive a car or SUV and have dreamed of the versatility that only a truck can bring? Are you wanting a truck but worry about the costs involved when purchasing and operating? Well the Turbo Sierra 1500 may be the best option to help those dreams come true and conquer all your monetary fears.  Whether its day to day commuting, taking that load of trash to the landfill, that sports related road trip, or a family camping trip to the mountains, this Turbo Sierra 1500 is prepared to do all that and more.  Like I mentioned before, outside of the heavy lifting, this truck can do it all!

GMC Canada has done an outstanding job positioning this new powertrain combo in its light duty lineup. Their new Turbo engine will be available in the 1SA (Sierra), 3SA (SLE), and the ever popular 3SB(Elevation) addition.  The 3SA and 3SB trim levels are long established and have been cemented in the Sierra 1500 line up, the surprising option in the Turbo engine line up is the 1SA.  The 1SA trim level has long been associated with work trucks, but rumor has it GMC Canada is ready to broaden the 1SA line up, adding a very cosmetically pleasing 1SA model option with all the essentials and more.  Stay tuned this spring for what could possibly be the best valued ½ ton truck in Canada!!

Is this the right Truck for You?  

In closing, the Turbo engine isn’t for everyone.  But the next time you come by our lot at Davis GMC Lethbridge to look at trucks, I challenge you to take the new Turbo Sierra 1500 out for a drive. I personally get the privilege of being around the best trucks in the world on a daily basis, and this Turbo Sierra 1500 was a true eye opener for myself. I honestly believe that any prospective light duty truck buyer, who isn’t doing the heaviest of work, is doing themselves a disservice by not considering this outstanding option.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to take one for a test drive!

Chris Berg

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