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Medicine Hat's Preferred Fleet Source

GMC Fleet and Commercial
Medicine Hat's Preferred Fleet Source is Davis GMC Buick

GM Fleet vehicles and services can keep your company on the road and in control of your bottom line. GM Fleet vehicles consistently rank among the leaders in resale value and safety. This, in combination with GM's extensive vehicle support programs and initiatives, makes GM Fleet vehicles the leading choice for fleets throughout North America.

Davis GMC Buick in Medicine Hat is a GM Business Elite dealer. We have a dedicated commercial team to help you with all your business vehicle needs. We stock a diverse lineup of commercial work ready vehicles ready for sale at a moment’s notice. Plus, we have the facilities, tools, equipment and certified technicians to accommodate your specific service needs. You need the right vehicles, customized to your specific business needs. You need a dealer you can count on. You need every dollar to count. Whether your business needs are 1 vehicle or 100, Davis GMC Buick will take the time to learn about your unique business challenges and offer you real solutions.

Dedicated Commercial Account Specialists provide you with the individual service you need. They’ll work with you to get the correct vehicles built to suit your business. Each of our Specialists is an expert in their field, and each delivers a level of dedication that goes above and beyond what most dealers can offer.

Express Business Services provides Priority Service and has work-ready vehicles available so you can carry on with your workday uninterrupted. Because we understand that when your vehicles need repairs, your business comes to a halt. When your vehicle comes in for service you don’t have to close your business because Davis GMC Buick can offer you work-ready loaners to allow your business to continue.

GM Fleet
A Few Good Reasons to Choose GM Fleet

GM Fleet vehicles consistently rank among the leaders in resale value and safety. This, in combination with GM's extensive vehicle support programs and initiatives, makes GM Fleet vehicles the leading choice for fleets throughout North America.

All GM vehicles are protected by the GM Total™ Warranty including Roadside Assistance. As a GM Fleet customer, you can also take advantage of many specialized vehicle support programs and services.

GM Fleet
Basic Fleet Program
Program Description

General Motors of Canada Limited ('GMCL') will provide the Basic Fleet Program allowance on select vehicles for dealers to pass onto eligible Fleet customers.

Eligible Fleet customers are those who have been assigned their own Fleet Account Number ('FAN') which remains in good standing at time of vehicle delivery.

Eligible Models

Contact Dealer for specific model eligibility.

Program Incentives

Contact Dealer to determine current incentives.

Program Guidelines

A customer is considered a "Fleet Commercial Customer" if they :

  • Have been assigned a Fleet Account Number or
  • Would qualify for a Fleet Account Number

Dealers are required to pass on the total incentive amount received to Fleet customers.

All eligible vehicles delivered under this program must be licensed, titled and retained for use in Canada for not less than six (6) months and accumulate at least 12,000 kilometres, by the first eligible Fleet customer who takes delivery of the vehicle.

Fleet customers certify, as part of their program enrollment under the Basic Fleet Program, that no vehicles are being purchased, directly or indirectly, for export, sale or use outside of Canada.

Please direct any questions of clarification to Dealer.

GMCL reserves the right to amend or revoke this program at any time without prior notice.

GMCL reserves the right to audit Dealer records and disqualify any amounts paid which do not qualify under the Program Guidelines. GMCL will charge back to the Dealer any amounts paid on ineligible units. GMCL reserves the right to take actions instead of, or in addition to, those set out in this paragraph.

Final decisions on all matters relating to the interpretation of any rule or aspect of this activity rest solely with GMCL.

GM Fleet

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Choose from a Fleet of Special Programs...

GM Fleet offers a variety of valuable programs to help keep your company on the competitive edge. GM Canada customers are entitled to several tailored vehicle purchase programs.


Qualified Rental Fleet customers can take advantage of this valuable program to purchase GM vehicles used in Rental service. Please contact Dealer for details on this program.

Government and Utilities

Some valuable assistance to help you competitively tender for business through governments and regulated utilities. Please contact Dealer for details on this program.


If your fleet is engaged in a competitive bid or quote process, the Competitive Assistance Program may be just what the accountant ordered. Please contact Dealer for details on this program.

Specialized Vehicles

If your business is upfitting for service vehicles, GM Fleet has the program to make you more competitive. The School Bus Program (B3D) is part of the Upfitter Competitive Assistance Program. Please contact Dealer for details on this program.

GM Fleet

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GM Business Choice

GM Business Choice is an incentive program designed specifically for small business owners like you. It offers valuable options to help offset the cost of getting your new GM vehicles work-ready.

Available with new eligible GMC vehicles, the Business Choice program offers four different incentive packages to choose from at no extra cost to you! All you have to do is choose the available option that best fits your daily business needs.

GM Fleet
GM Business Choice

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It's Easy to Qualify and Apply

Joining the fleet of satisfied GM Fleet customers is a simple process. Once you've qualified and applied, you become eligible to receive a Fleet Account Number (FAN) which allows you to take advantage of a variety of special Fleet program allowances on eligible GM vehicles.

How To Apply

If your company has five (5) or more registered, fully licensed and titled vehicles in service, or if you're planning to buy at least three (3) unused GM vehicles at one time for company use, you may qualify for substantial savings.

To request a Fleet Account Number (FAN), and establish a Fleet Account with General Motors of Canada, please contact Dealer.

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Fleet Models and Brochure

View our online Fleet Brochure for a convenient way to match a vehicle to your job requirements and budget.

View Fleet Models and Brochure

GM Fleet

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