Extend My Remote Start Time.

Dear Jarrett,
BURR, it’s COLD out! Can I extend my remote start time?
Fogged up in Fairmont


Extending Remote Start Time

You can use your remote to extend the run time of the remote start event. Reprogramming the computer for a longer run time is not an option at this time. The Remote Vehicle Start(RVS) function allows engine starting while not in the vehicle. It also allows the vehicle HVAC system and other vehicle systems to enable, providing a comfortable vehicle upon entry.

RVS functions have an operating range of up to 195 feet, depending on conditions. The RVS sequence begins by pressing and releasing the lock button and then pressing and holding the RVS buttons on the keyless entry transmitter. The turn signal lamps will illuminate to indicate the vehicle has received the remote start request. Each time an RVS is performed, the vehicle doors are locked, however they may then be unlocked/locked with the transmitter or vehicle key at any time. Once activated, the engine is allowed to run for 10 minutes.

The RVS time may be extended by an additional 10 minutes by again pressing and releasing the lock button and then pressing and holding the RVS buttons on the transmitter. This feature is called a “RVS continue” and allows a maximum of 20 minutes of engine running. If the RVS continue is performed at 7 minutes into the initial 10 minute time-out, a total of 17 minutes of engine running would occur.

The RVS event may be suspended at any time by pressing only the RVS button on the transmitter or by entering the vehicle and turning ON the hazard lamps.

In between ignition cycles, only 2 RVS events may occur or be attempted. Once 2 events or attempts have been made, future RVS events will be suspended until the vehicle is started using the ignition

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