Earls Gift Card Give Away!

I was out of the office Friday and I should have someone announce the winner! Sorry folks!

I have found that eggs have become one of my favorite things and I appreciate all of your great egg cooking ideas!  The person that had the most likes on their egg suggestion won a $25 gift card to Earls Resaurant.

I wish I could give a runner-up award because Robert May &  Kenny Joss had a super funny comment! Check it out on our Facebook page!

The winner of the $25 Earls gift card is Janet Jacques! She commented that the best way to cook eggs was ”Scrambled made in to an omlete with ham chicken and cheese, green pepper and oninon inside yummy yumm goodness :D” –  I think I am going to try this, but with just a tiny bit of hotsauce!

Janet – If you come in to Davis GMC Buick we will have a $25 gift card waiting for you at reception!

Thanks for participating everyone! We’ll let you know on our Facebook page when we’re having our next contest!