Don't get any winter tire, get the right ones!

Are you shopping for the best place to buy winter tires?  Ask about our good, better, best tires – and we’ll help you find the tire that best suits your vehicle, driving conditions and driving style.  This is what separates us from other tire dealers in Lethbridge.

The question you have is, why buy winter tires when I have all season tires now? All-season tires continue to provide all-weather performance, but will not always be suitable for snow conditions. All season tires do not have cold weather rubber compounds, channeling tread patterns, the large number of tread sipes for wet surface control, and the open tread block pattern for deep snow traction that winter tires feature.

On dry pavement, the overall performance for an all-season tire steadily declines as the temperature gets colder. Winter tire performance sharply improves as temperatures fall below 5 degrees Celsius.

Our tire expert has the knowledge to recommend the correct tire for each driver’s budget and driving conditions

A study conducted by the Ministry of Transport showed that the proper winter tire will improve braking 25 percent over any regular or all-season tire and can improve collision avoidance up to 40 percent.