Do you have the right tires for winter?

At Davis GMC Buick we want winter driving to be its safest it can be!

If you are like most vehicle owners, you probably have “all season” tires which your vehicle was factory equipped with.  While they are designed to handle most driving condition, they may not be suitable for heavier snow and ice.

If you regularly encounter the snow, ice and slush of our Alberta winters then you are going to need winter tires in Lethbridge.

Winter tires give you that extra traction, braking and handling you will need to confidently drive on snow and ice.  They have specialized rubber compounds and tread designs to handle the cold temperatures.  The tread remains flexible to prevent snow buildup and help  with traction on snow and ice.

Tests that have been conducted on ice show that even at 20kph, vehicles equipped with winter tires stopped from 1/2 to a full car length shorter than identical vehicles on all season tires.  All season tires will begin to lose their grip when the temperature drops below 7 degree Celsius.  When the temperature regularly becomes warmer than the 7 degrees Celsius we recommend the removal of winter tires to ensure that they do no wear prematurely.

If you have questions about season tires, tire brands or how to keep your tires from wearing incorrectly give us a shout at the Lethbridge Tire Centre, Davis GMC Buick