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Dear Jarrett,
My text messages will not appear on my intellilink stereo screen. I have followed the directions, watched videos, contacted Apple, and done all the steps. I have troubleshooted on my iPhone and the intellilink stereo. So far nothing... Not sure what else to do... Please Help!

Text -is-Toast in Lundbreck

Dear Text-is-Toast,
Thank you for your submission!
Lets see if we can get to the bottom of this 🙂
I know you have tried troubleshooting the issue, but please follow the instructions below, to see if it fixes the problem with your text messages:

  • First Step: Always check to see if your smartphone software is up to date, this is most often the main cause of Bluetooth and texting issues in a vehicle. *(Once done, it is a best practice to go back and check to see if your phone settings have been changed by the software updates)*
  • Second: Be aware that Apple does not allow their phones to visually show more than the first or second line of a text message on your stereo screen; and the system will give you an "error message" if you try to respond by clicking on your stereo screen.

Apple will only allow texting by using their built in voice command assistant "Siri" to respond (I will put instructions for this process below)

There is always a chance that the new smartphone updates may have turned Handsfree Texting permissions "OFF" in your Bluetooth settings:

  • Go to the settings app
  • Click on "Bluetooth"
  • Look for the vehicle name (it may say "GMC/Buick Intellilink")
  • Next to that, there will be a small blue circle with a small "i" in the middle
  • Click on that icon, and on the screen, make sure "Show Notifications" is toggled to the ON position

That should get the texts back on your vehicle screen, however, I recommend that you first completely power down the phone, wait a minute, and then turn it back on. Then get into the vehicle, turn on the vehicle, wait for the phone to pair, and then hold the "Phone Answer" button (on the steering wheel) down for 4 seconds; you should hear the Siri Chime prompting you to give it a command 🙂

Just so you know, you can have the vehicle read you your texts when they come in, or, if you were to miss them, you can always hold down the Phone Answer button for 4 seconds and have Siri find and read them to you 😊

For example: If I was the 3rd last person to send you a text, you can ask Siri "Play the last text message I got from Jarrett" (This will only work for the people that are in your contacts list)
Or, you can say, "read me my last text message" and it will play the most recent text you received 🙂

If this doesn't work, further troubleshooting may be required to get to the bottom of it...

Hope this helps!

Have a great day!
Jarrett King
Delivery Specialist
Davis GMC Buick

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