Davis GMC Buick Oil Change Service

I haven’t been working in the auto industry very long, and to be completely honest for the longest time whenever I needed an oil change I had never have considered going to a car dealership to get this taken care of. A few short months in to my employment at Lethbridge’s Davis GM, a Buick and GMC dealership I am already thinking – Why wouldn’t I have?

Davis GM, Service Center

There is a pretty funny commercial out there where a woman and her two children walk into a dealership to get her oil changed. Upon explaining to reception that she made an appointment, she still has to wait in what appears to be, no line. I am sure you know the name of this oil change company, and I really have no problem sharing that name with you, but I really don’t feel that Dragon’s Den Jim Treliving needs any more money then he already has. Sorry Jim, big fan though.

I give the commercial credit because yea, it is rather humorous – Imagine waking up to your children in sales putting together an order for a new vehicle. If your kids have the intelligence and maturity to brows through a showroom and speak to someone in sales; you should be a very proud parent. Anyways back to my point, the thing is, here at Davis GM if you want your oil changed – You can drive right up the lube bay and boom, you’re getting your oil changed. People book service appointments because you are always on the go. You know that you only have a short time between your afternoon Yoga class and when you need to pick up the kids from school. At Davis GM if you book a service appointment we honor that request like a contract.

Next time you need an oil change, tire rotation or even simple wiper blades, come to a store that excels in quality of work, time management and most importantly great customer service. To book a service appointment you may phone in and speak with Debbie at reception or book online at our new Davis GM website. If you find yourself with some extra time to spare and you didn’t book an appointment, no worries. Like I said earlier, drive up to the lube bay doors, hammer on your horn and we’ll lift the lube bay doors where you simply drive in and tell one of our staff members what you are looking for. Oh yea, we don’t have one of those big gaping holes in the ground like the other guys. That’s right, you won’t need the help of some pimpled face teenage boy hardly old enough to drive to guide you down a narrow bay with a seven foot deep booby trap surrounded by a 3inch high steel pipe protecting you from falling to your demise.

It is easy for a company that only does oil changes to say that a dealership doesn’t have the speed that they have. It is easy for them to suggest that we are an appointment only service center… But were not. We have a state of the art service center that allows us to achieve our commitment to a warranty approved oil change with speedy, friendly service at a competitive price.

Tossing up between getting groceries or oil change? At Lethbridge’s Davis GM’s all make service center you can do both. If you need to get somewhere now, just ask service to be teamed up with one of our friendly shuttle car drivers to take you wherever you need to go.

“So who wants heated seats?” – Phone, Book Online or drive in today for a service experience like none other.

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