In Vehicle Text Messaging Info Sheet

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In Vehicle Text Messaging
(M.Y. 2015 and up, not available on all models)
(Please note that with the large variety of phones and operating systems, not all functionality will appear/operate the same on all devices)
Text Messaging – (If equipped, a “text message”, or “message” app icon will be found on the infotainment screen)
– The Infotainment system may allow text messages to be received and replied to. Received messages can also be read aloud (Not available on all systems).

Text Menu
– Inbox:
o Press to display incoming messages. To view a message, press on the name of the sender. Press the VOLUME ICON button to listen to the message (not available on all systems). Press BACK on the faceplate, or press the BACK SCREEN button to go back to the previous menu.
– Settings:
o Press Text Settings to change text message settings.
– Reply:
o Press to reply using a predefined text message. See Text Settings for more options.
– Call:
o Press to place a call to the sender of the text message.

Viewing a Text Message
– While viewing a text message:
o Press REPLY to reply using a predefined text message.
o Press CALL to place a call to the sender of the text message.

Viewing sender Information
– If equipped, press the name of the sender to view sender information (if this information matches contact information already stored in your phone)

Select a Predefined Message
– Press to select from a set of QUICK MESSAGES. Press the message to send.

Predefined Messages
– These are short text messages that can be used to send replies, so responses will not have to be typed every time
– The messages can be deleted, or a new personal or predefined message can be added and saved for repeated use
– To add a new message:
o 2) While in the predefined messages list view, select ADD NEW PREDEFINED MESSAGE and a keyboard displays.
o 3) Type a new message and press NEW MESSAGE when done to add the message. Press BACK on the faceplate or press the BACK SCREEN button to go back to the predefined messages list. Press X to delete one character at a time.

Memory Full
– This message may display if there is no more room on the phone system to store messages.

Text Settings
– Text Alerts:
o When on, this feature will display an alert when a new text message has been received. Press to turn on / off.
– Manage Predefined Messages:
o Press to add, change, or delete predefined messages.
Siri Eyes Free (for IPhone) – this will be available on select GM products in the 2015 model year. The app itself looks like an old-time broadcaster’s microphone.
o allows you to complete an array of hands-free tasks like composing text and e-mail messages, and storing contacts on your IPhone through voice commands, using your iPhone® 4S or iPhone 5 (and newer). This feature is only available to Apple IPhone users. (Siri Eyes Free is a feature of iPhone devices running iOS 7.1, so customers must be running this minimum operating system to use the service.)

Issues with texting on IPhones?:
1) Go into the IPhone settings screen
2) After the phone is paired with the vehicle, (Settings -> Bluetooth), click the blue info icon “(i)” next to the vehicle device name, and then click the tab to ENABLE “Show Notifications”
3) After doing step #2, remove the key from the ignition, open and close the driver’s door, and restart the vehicle
4) The text messaging icon on the home display should now be selectable, and it should prompt when receiving a text, with a variation of the options “Listen/View”, “Call”, or “Dismiss”

Most IPhone’s are able to use the in vehicle text function. However, with IPhones, the app will often only let you know that you have a new text message (received while you were in the vehicle), but, it will not let you respond through the auto text back/reply feature.
To respond using an IPhone, press and hold the “Phone answer” button on the steering wheel for about 3 seconds, which will engage your IPhone’s “Siri” voice command software. You then command Siri to read or reply to text messages. At this time, Siri can read and write text messages, emails (requires an active data plan on the cell phone, and phone may need to be unlocked for use, if a security code was set up by the phone’s owner), book appointments in your IPhone calendar, and also make notes in your IPhones “Notes” app.

If issues arise, always check to ensure the most recent software updates are installed on your device.

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