Credit Challenged? Here is how we can help.

Steps to Rebuild Credit

In today’s world it is seldom that people never experience a little bit of a challenge with their credit rating. If you are in a situation where your credit score is having a negative effect on your ability to purchase a vehicle we have a program here at Davis GMC Buick that can help you get into a vehicle and rebuild your credit as well. That is one thing about bad credit. You can take steps on your own to rebuild it and the program we have here is a tool that will help you do that as well as fill your need for a vehicle.

Davis Lease Program Can Help! 

The program we have here is a lease here pay here program. The basic essence of this program is that you work with a member of our finance team who will approve you for a specific total based on your credit history. Once this budget is set you would work with one of our sales and leasing consultants to find a vehicle that fits your needs and falls within this budget.

When your term is over you can either trade it in if there is positive equity based on the agreed upon residual value and an appraised value that is higher than that number (it is a lease after all) or you can buy it outright.

The basics of the program is centered around Davis GMC Buick actually being the lender in this situation. It is not a third party lender, it is all done in house, and your payments are actually paid to us. There is a required deposit and your interest rate is based on your credit history. By making every payment for the term of the lease it helps repair your credit score and can get you into a better situation moving forward. You may have to settle for a bit lesser of a vehicle in the beginning of the program but by taking this step, combined with some other steps, you can rebuild your credit and be driving down the road in that brand new Yukon Denali or the Camaro SS in a few short years.

If you have any questions please contact Jodie!