Chevrolet Tahoe

Find the used Tahoe you always wanted.

chev-tahoeDavis GMC Buick is the best place in Lethbridge to get a great deal on a Pre-Owned Chevrolet Tahoe. The Tahoe, a luxury SUV is a great vehicle, and each of our Chev SUV's will go through a GM 150 Point Certified Pre-Owned inspection.

We know you've done your research , and now it's time to determine whether you buy a new Chev Tahoe, or a Used Tahoe. With these vehicles going through the Certified Pre-Owned Program, we can ensure your pre-owned Tahoe is fit for the road for a very long time - and it's under warranty.





Q: Where do you buy your used Chevrolet Tahoe's?

A: We receive our inventory of used Chev Tahoe's from GM Smart Auctions, Trade-ins, U.S. Inventory, and Lease Returns.

Q: I’m looking for an SUV with lots of seating and cargo space. Does the Tahoe have a 3rd row?

A: Not only does it have 3 rows with plenty of leg room, the Tahoe has ample cargo space.

Q: If I buy a used Tahoe in Lethbridge, will I be able to get OEM Tahoe parts?

A: Yes you will, from our GM Certified Service department.

Q: I am looking for an SUV to pull my boat. What is the towing capacity on a Chevrolet Tahoe?

A: The Chev Tahoe with the 5.3L can tow up to 8200lbs, allowing for a great deal of flexibility for hauling.

Q: Buying a used Chevrolet Tahoe in Lethbridge – Whats warranty will come with my Tahoe?

A: Dependant on the year and kms, the remainder of the 3 year/ 60,000km full comprehensive warranty, or 5 year/ 160,000 powertrain warranty. We also offer many other warranty options for your used vehicle.

Q: How can I be certain of the history of my Chev Tahoe?

A: We run all of our vehicles through a rigorous inspection process and can provide you with a carproof to give you peace of mind when purchasing your used vehicle.

Q: Am I able lease or finance a Used Tahoe in Lethbridge?

A: Yes, We have many options such as In House Financing available to suit your financial needs.

Why Buy a Used Tahoe over a New Tahoe?

used-tahoe-rearThe new Chevrolet Tahoe is a popular SUV in southern Alberta along side it's counter-part, the new GMC Yukon. One reason you should consider buying a used Chev Tahoe is because the Chevrolet Tahoe holds it's value over and over. The Tahoe brings comfort, control and style regardless if it was purchased new or used.

The value a Used Tahoe is maintained very well over the years, so it only makes sense to purchase pre-owned. Our Tahoe are given a 150-point Certified Pre-Owned Inspection, and given our highest level of detail cleaning - This gives you piece-of-mind knowing that your Tahoe is leaving the dealership as it if it were brand new.

All of this allows us to provide you with a like-new Tahoe at a fraction of the cost of buying a, new Chevrolet Tahoe in Lethbridge.

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