Changing the Way You Think of a Car Dealer

We have big efforts to change the way you think of the car the auto industry. Here is one of them: Real reviews, from real people.

Online reviews are becoming more and more popular. Reviews are a way of sharing your experience with: friends, family… even the world.  Apps like Google Maps and Yelp, make it increasingly easier to tell businesses about your experience and sharing your story to the masses.

Sales or service we want to make sure you were completely satisfied with your visit before leaving the store.  Today, people rely on reviews to help make decision on, what to buy, where to travel and where to sleep.  At Davis GM we want to know how we did. One, it lets us know how we did and two – It shares real stories from real people.

Davis GM – DealerRater Reviews
Davis GM – Google Places Reviews

Many business fear bad reviews. Of course nobody wants a bad review, but if you’re like us, and you practice customer service you need not worry. When bad reviews come along its what you do to make things right, and what you do to prevent it from happening again.

It is 2012 and the internet has given us the tools to connect with our customers day and night. Click one of these links below to stay connected 24/7. No sales, all fun!

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