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DYI- Winter Safety Kit

DYI- Winter Safety Kit

DYI Winter Safety Kit

by: Adam Christopoulous

By now you must know, in Southern Alberta the weather can change drastically. Within in a five minute period we can go from blue skies and sun to a full on blizzard of snow.

We scramble to make sure our vehicles are winter ready, we get the oil change, we put winter tires on, we use winter grade washer fluid. The one thing we forget to do is…

We forget to pack a winter safety kit. With a little guidance, I can help you gather the mere basic necessities to create your own Winter Safety Kit.

Warm Blankets- A Warm blanket is your best friend on a chilly night, why not add one to your vehicle. If you ever find yourself on the side of the road, or parked at a truck stop. A warm blanket will help keep your body heat in without running your vehicle all night.

Warm Hat and Gloves- Staying warm is the most important survival tactic when you’re stranded in the winter. It’s always a good idea to have an extra hat or two and a few sets of gloves so you or your passenger’s can keep warm while getting your car out of a ditch, changing a tire or taking a look under the hood.

Hand crank Flashlight- Yes, a hand crank flashlight. it ‘s one of those do I need one type of items. It totally is one of those type of items that I recommend you carry in your safety kit.

Extra Cell Phone Charger (cigarette lighter type)- Cell phones are welcome lifelines when your car is stuck, but they’re only effective when they’re charged. So keep a spare cell phone charger in your safety kit to keep your phone charged up.

Notepad and Pen or Pencil- When you call for a tow, there are likely additional phone numbers that the dispatcher will give you, or if you’re in an accident, you’ll need the other driver’s license and plate number. If your pen isn’t writing, it could be frozen, so warm it up between your hands. Or you can use a trusty pencil.

Jumper Cables- If you don’t own a pair, I highly suggest you get a pair and add them to your safety kit. You should never count on another motorist to have a set of jumper cables for you to borrow, carry your own. They’re inexpensive and could mean the difference between a helpful motorist helping you get your car started or paying a tow truck to do it. Make sure you also know the right way to jumpstart your car.

Now that you have the basics, Pack it all up. Put everything into a sturdy box or plastic bin and pop it in the trunk or back seat. Hopefully you’ll never need to use it, but you’ll be thankful you have your winter emergency car kit if you do find yourself stranded.

DVD player

Top 5 Movies to Pack in your Car

Top Movies to Pack in your Car | by  Cole Balog

When it comes to movies everyone has their personal opinions and will debate to the death about the good ones and the bad ones. I believe when it comes to these debates pretty much everyone is out to lunch and they have no idea what they are talking about. Here is my list of movies to pack in your GMC or Buick that will leave you astounded with amazement.

5) MAD MAX Fury Road – The Mad Max series with Mel Gibson is one of those classics that will never get old. The Thunderdome will live on in the hearts of grown men until the day they die. Fury road takes the Mad Max to a whole new level. The non stop action will keep anyone awake while driving a vehicle down the road. With the high speed vehicle chases that go on in the movie it will make driving exciting again. This is a must see if you have not already and it is a movie that you will likely want to watch a few more times after the first viewing.

4) Finding Nemo – Let’s be honest if you are packing movies on the road and your family vehicle has a DVD player chances are you have kids. Therefore, we should probably keep this party PG. With that said Finding Nemo is a classic that never fails the intended audience. This movie contains great humor for the kids, a few hidden jokes for the adults, and just plain old good comedy. Put this movie on in your vehicle and you will have a fully captured audience.

3) Descpicable Me – This is a great movie that all audiences can watch. If you have ever heard an adult speak ill words about this movie than I would advise you remove this person from your world of friends. This has every level of comedy along with a great story to boot. A timeless movie that will be spoken about in years to come.

2) Water World – This is a movie that will bring me some flack for sure but, I really do not care. Water World is a movie that will live on through the generations. A movie that can be watched and admired by all ages as it revolves around a world that is hard to imagine but, very intriguing to watch. With just the right amount of Violence, humor, and romance this is a movie that would be a great add to the road trip collection.

1) The Jungle Book (2016) – If you would like a movie with great humor, a bit of fright, unbelievable plot, quality acting, and undeniable distraction for the kids than the Jungle Book is the movie for you. This is a story that has lasted for a few generations and I am sure it is a story that will last after we are gone. The Jungle Book is a timeless collection for all ages and without a doubt a must see.

Cole Balog | Sales Consultant @ Davis GMC Buick.


Install My GMC or My Buick App.

Have you installed your MY GMC or MY BUICK app yet?

These new apps combine the usefulness of the Remotelink app, with the support of the “My GMC” or “My Buick” apps, putting valuable information at your fingertips in real time!

With anytime access to digital owners manuals, dealership contact and booking info, WIFI services, and much much more!

Simply search for and install your FREE, ALL-NEW “My GMC” or “My Buick” app in your device’s app store TODAY! Or you can click this link

The MY GMC and MY BUICK comes free in new vehicles*, however you can still get it in older vehicles * . Click this link and select your vehicle’s model year to see if it’s compatible with the myGMC/myBuick mobile app. 



*Some features require active OnStar service, or a paid OnStar service plan for functionality.

At Davis GMC Buick we are always here to help for more information, please contact Davis GMC Lethbridge @ 403-329-4444 and ask to talk with one of our sales representatives.


Winter Driving Tips


Winter Is Still Here | Byron White

It is important respect the weather conditions for your safety and the safety of everyone around you.

Here are some Winter Driving Safety Tips:

  • Start by fully cleaning off your vehicle.  All windows , turn indicators, and lights must be completely exposed for safe driving.
  • Next, let your vehicle warm up for at least 5-10 minutes to make sure all your heaters are working and so your engine is ready to face the elements.
  • Always, keep a safe driving distance.
  • Keep your speed down.
  • Be sure your vehicle is equip with proper winter or all season tires and keep a safety kit in your vehicle in case you get stranded.

Winter driving requires your cooperation, please take in consideration these winter driving tip to help keep everyone safe on the roads.

Stay Safe 🙂

Byron White
Sales Consultant
Davis GMC Buick Ltd.


Extend My Remote Start Time.


Dear Jarrett,
BURR, it’s COLD out! Can I extend my remote start time?
Fogged up in Fairmont

Extending Remote Start Time
You can use your remote to extend the run time of the remote start event. Reprogramming the computer for a longer run time is not an option at this time. The Remote Vehicle Start(RVS) function allows engine starting while not in the vehicle. It also allows the vehicle HVAC system and other vehicle systems to enable, providing a comfortable vehicle upon entry.

RVS functions have an operating range of up to 195 feet, depending on conditions. The RVS sequence begins by pressing and releasing the lock button and then pressing and holding the RVS buttons on the keyless entry transmitter. The turn signal lamps will illuminate to indicate the vehicle has received the remote start request. Each time an RVS is performed, the vehicle doors are locked, however they may then be unlocked/locked with the transmitter or vehicle key at any time. Once activated, the engine is allowed to run for 10 minutes.

The RVS time may be extended by an additional 10 minutes by again pressing and releasing the lock button and then pressing and holding the RVS buttons on the transmitter. This feature is called a “RVS continue” and allows a maximum of 20 minutes of engine running. If the RVS continue is performed at 7 minutes into the initial 10 minute time-out, a total of 17 minutes of engine running would occur.

The RVS event may be suspended at any time by pressing only the RVS button on the transmitter or by entering the vehicle and turning ON the hazard lamps.

In between ignition cycles, only 2 RVS events may occur or be attempted. Once 2 events or attempts have been made, future RVS events will be suspended until the vehicle is started using the ignition.

Auto 101 with Chelsea. Engine Oil.

Do I need to check my engine oil?

Your oil life monitor will let you know when it is time to change your oil, but it doesn’t know the level. It is a good idea to check the level when fueling up and keep it topped off.  Make sure the oil is between the upper and lower cross-hatch or dot marks on the dipstick.

Time for an oil change?

Davis GMC Buick located in Lethbridge, Alberta services all makes and models of vehicles.

Book an appointment.


Hail Damage Repair in the Lethbridge Area

Has your vehicle been in a recent hail storm in the Lethbridge, Taber or Fort Macleod areas?

The hail damage repair experts in Lethbridge at Davis GMC Buick have some valuable advice to share on what to do if your vehicle is caught in a hail storm.

Sometimes, hail dents are very minor and hard to see. Looking for hail dents in direct sunlight is the worst way to look for hail damage. Instead, a garage with florescent lighting is the best place to look for dents. Even though you may think the dents are minor and not worth a claim, the damage could greatly affect your resale value of your vehicle as most hail claims are over $3,000.

Many insurance companies will try and push you to take a cash payout on the hail claim as this relieves them from any further damages found during repairs, as well as any future damage to the vehicle. For example, if you take a payout on a hail claim and experience a second hail damage incident that is worse than the first, that damage may not be covered. Or, if you have a collision claim the insurance company may prorate the part that is damaged in the collision as they have already paid out a portion of the part in the hail claim.

If you are unsure if you have hail damage or are unsure of the extent of your hail damage, come by for a free hail damage estimate in Lethbridge at Davis GMC Buick and we can help answer any insurance concerns you may have.

Contact our hail damage experts at 1-866-569-9734 or email


Myth Buster- Car Sales.





1. Myth:  I just want to pay cash, I’ll get a better deal.

NO! Cash is no different than finance or lease for a dealership; in fact the banks compensate the dealership for finding them loan customers, so it is more lucrative for the dealership to write a finance or lease deal instead of a cash deal. Most manufactures offer certain incentives for finance customers that are different from those of cash incentives. If you work out the overall cost over a certain time frame, you will usually find both to be very very similar.

2. Myth: I can  get a better interest rate at my bank!

Probably not. Simply due to the large amount of customers that use a dealership for financing; they have a preferred rate ( lower than most any bank will offer you on a vehicle loan). Manufactures make deals with the banks to buy lower rates on certain vehicles. A dealership will not charge you any penalty for paying your loan out early, however a bank generally will. The dealership makes its money selling you a car, the bank makes money by you paying interest, they want you to go full term.

Some people will think using their line of credit is a good thing to use due to low interest rates; This is a little bit of personal thought but, BAD idea!

3. Myth:  Can’t you just give me your best cash price.

Every salesperson has heard this at least 10 times by the time he has been in the business for his / her first 2 months. You will not walk into a dealership and get “the best price” until the salesperson has taken the sales process to a certain point. A sales person is not there to waste his time or yours, want the best price; let the salesperson help you find the right vehicle and be ready to buy it. A buyer is given the final price, a shopper is given an idea of what the price is. This may very well be the same in the end

depending on costs. There is more than just one person involved in this process and takes more time than just spouting out a number. 

4. Myth: This offer is good for today only!

Probably not! Never feel like you are being pressured into making a decision right now. Be sure to take the time and make a decision that is right for you. The manufacture gives incentives that do change ( usually every month ). If the incentives change before you sign a deal you may not get the same deal. Most times the incentives are very very close; you may lose in one area but gain in another. If a promotion is ending and you think it might be the right vehicle for you, but want to think about it for the night or talk to a spouse, that’s ok. You will just need to talk with one of the dealership managers and sign the deal. This will secure the deal you have, they can’t take it away from you, however it still give you the ability to change your mind.  ** Please note, the dealership cannot guarantee the interest rate at which a bank is lending money, but they can guarantee the price they gave you, that you signed off on in the deal.

5. Myth: The dealership will keep your deposit.

No we are not! It is against the rules of AMVIC for a dealership to keep your deposit. They can keep a part of or all of it if they have incurred expenses though. For example: if a dealership brings a vehicle in for you and have paid people to go get it and you decide to change your mind, the dealership can keep the portion of your deposit that will cover those expenses. This could hold true for adding accessories to a vehicle as well.

6. Myth: You have to get your car serviced at the dealership you bought it at.

Simply put; no you dont. You are free to let any garage service your vehicle. If a problem ever exists with a warranty question, as long as you have access to service records you are good. You can even do your own oil changes if you like; just keep the receipts for the oil and filters you use and keep track of the kilometers each time.

7. Myth: I’ve bought lots of cars before, I know how to negotiate a better deal.

A dealership negotiates thousands of deals each year, no matter how experienced you are, the dealership has more insight and experience than you do. Even if you have bought 20 – 30 cars in your lifetime, the average sales person has more experience than you in 2 – 3 months of sales. You can save a lot of time with just being open and upfront on what you want and your expectations. This is I’m sure is what you are hoping the salesperson will do.

8. Myth: I will get a better deal if  I bring my trade in at the end of negotiations.

Most dealerships today will deal with what is called “Actual cash value” meaning no matter what vehicle you are looking at and whether you are buying a vehicle or not, that is your trade value. In saying that there is no point in wasting your time or the salesperson time to have to go back and re-work the numbers. Keep in mind that if one dealership is offering you more than all the other dealerships, they are probably playing with the numbers; want to call their bluff to see if they are giving you the real trade value? Ask them to write you a check right then and there for that trade amount. If they say no, they were probably not being honest with you.

9. Myth: Dealerships are making buckets of money selling me a vehicle.

The average profit on a used vehicle is $1,934 on a new vehicle the average profit is $2,400. Yes the dealership will be making money when they sell a vehicle. Most people do not realize the cost involved in inspecting a vehicle, cleaning it for the lot and again when it is purchased, paying a salesperson as well as all the other hands a vehicle touches to get ready for delivery day, fueling it, registering and insuring it and fixing all the mechanical issues that may come up in the inspection. The average cost to recondition a vehicle is $2,100.

10. Myth: Salespeople are just waiting to attack me when I drive into the lot. 

Wrong! The majority of a salesperson’s day involves computer work and phone calls. They put in long hours and are more lucrative to be on the phone than walking the lot for the odd person that will actually stop instead of speeding up past them.  The industry average says that a salesperson will sell  to 23% of people they deal with. That means for them to sell between 10- 20 units a month they are already dealing with between 46 – 86 other people.

11. Myth: Sales people just want to sell me a car they will make lots of money on.

Not true. A salesperson job is not only sales, its a consultant as well. They may, based on investigation they have done while talking with you have suggestions. That’s all they are, just a suggestion. They want to get you into a vehicle you really want; this will lead to you remembering them and be back to deal with them again on your next one or even receive a referral from you to one of their friends and family. They want this sale to result in others; therefore getting you what you  really want is in their best interest.

* Interesting fact 80% of people end up buying a different vehicle than what they initially came in to look at.


Help! How do I pair my phone?

Dear Jarrett, (1)Dear Jarrett,

How do I pair my phone to my vehicle bluetooth system?


“Hello can you hear me?” I’m in Alberta dreaming about who we used to be…


Press and hold (phone answer) for two seconds. You should hear “Ready” followed by a tone. Say “Bluetooth.” You should hear “Bluetooth ready” followed by a tone. (Most model year 2014 vehicles can skip this step and you can just say “pair phone” as your first command). Say “Pair.” You should hear “Please start a search on your Bluetooth phone” and a four-six digit PIN number. Depending on the phone, you may have to press “scan for new devices”, and/or “make this device visible to other Bluetooth capable devices” before it will be discovered. The PIN number will be used in the next step. Start the Pairing process on the cell phone that will be paired to the vehicle. Locate the device named “General Motors”. Select that device for pairing and enter the PIN number that was provided in the previous step. (Some smart phones may perform this step for you, and you will only need to press “Pair”) Reference the cell phone manufacturer’s user guide for further information on this process. For phone-specific instructions and compatibility information go to: The system may prompt for a name for the phone. Use a name that best describes the phone so you will recognize it in the future, i.e. “Mike’s phone”. The system then confirms the name provided. You should hear confirmation feedback, i.e., “Mike’s phone has been successfully paired” after the pairing process is complete. Repeat Steps 1 through 7 for up to five phones to be paired. (Up to ten devices may be paired on later model 2014 vehicles).

Fender Bender

“There are some key things that you need to do when you’ve been in a car accident, regardless of the damage. ” -Tanner Taniguchi- Davis Collision Centre Manager.

Exchange Information with the other Driver.

  1. Drivers License Number.
  2. License Plate.
  3. Phone Numbers.
  4. Insurance Companies & Policies

Record what happened.

  1. Take notes of what happened.
  2. Draw a diagram.
  3. Snap Pictures.

Get a Police Report.

  1. Even if no other vehicle was involved i.e. an Animal collision.
  2. Any accident that causes over $2000 in damage requires police report.

Go to the Doctor.

  1. You may feel okay, however there are a number of injuries commonly associated with car accidents that don’t show symptoms immediately.

Contact your Insurance Company.

  1. It is expected by many insurance companies that you report any accidents to them within seven days of the occurrence. Some may give a longer time period, but they all have a limit.

Get an Estimate.

  1. Come in to see us at Davis Collision we provide free estimates.