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My favourite features of the all-new 2018 GMC Terrain!
The new 3D Denali grille, C-shaped headlamps, and the overall eye-catching design of the new 2018 GMC Terrain are just a few of the things that make it the must-have crossover of 2018.
Honestly, there are so many things that make this vehicle awesome. Lets start with the engine; there are three to choose from, with the most popular being the 2.0L turbo. It has tonnes of kick without emptying your wallet.  Also available, a 1.5L turbo and a 1.6L diesel with equally impressive stats. The gas powered engines are now equipped with a 9-speed automatic transmission, making for a very smooth ride.
Standard heated front seats, as well as available ventilated seats and second row heated seats, help to make every drive, long or short, a comfortable one. Speaking of seats, the second row bench seat, and front passenger seats, fold completely flat so you never have to compromise on storage room.
You can now save all your favourite radio stations and phone favourites  in your own personalized user profile. This user profile can be transferred to other vehicles with the same feature.
Now available is the hands-free power liftgate to make your daily life just a little easier. Remote start and keyless entry are now standard.
I love that my customers, and their families, can have the peace of mind to know they’re safe with features such as: side blind zone alert, rear cross traffic alert, park assist, lane departure warning, and lane keep assist. Even the low speed forward automatic braking is available.
I could keep going, but you’ve got to see it for yourself!
Kyrsta Murphy | Sales Consultantkrysta-murphy


DYI- Winter Safety Kit

DYI- Winter Safety Kit

DYI Winter Safety Kit

by: Adam Christopoulous

By now you must know, in Southern Alberta the weather can change drastically. Within in a five minute period we can go from blue skies and sun to a full on blizzard of snow.

We scramble to make sure our vehicles are winter ready, we get the oil change, we put winter tires on, we use winter grade washer fluid. The one thing we forget to do is…

We forget to pack a winter safety kit. With a little guidance, I can help you gather the mere basic necessities to create your own Winter Safety Kit.

Warm Blankets- A Warm blanket is your best friend on a chilly night, why not add one to your vehicle. If you ever find yourself on the side of the road, or parked at a truck stop. A warm blanket will help keep your body heat in without running your vehicle all night.

Warm Hat and Gloves- Staying warm is the most important survival tactic when you’re stranded in the winter. It’s always a good idea to have an extra hat or two and a few sets of gloves so you or your passenger’s can keep warm while getting your car out of a ditch, changing a tire or taking a look under the hood.

Hand crank Flashlight- Yes, a hand crank flashlight. it ‘s one of those do I need one type of items. It totally is one of those type of items that I recommend you carry in your safety kit.

Extra Cell Phone Charger (cigarette lighter type)- Cell phones are welcome lifelines when your car is stuck, but they’re only effective when they’re charged. So keep a spare cell phone charger in your safety kit to keep your phone charged up.

Notepad and Pen or Pencil- When you call for a tow, there are likely additional phone numbers that the dispatcher will give you, or if you’re in an accident, you’ll need the other driver’s license and plate number. If your pen isn’t writing, it could be frozen, so warm it up between your hands. Or you can use a trusty pencil.

Jumper Cables- If you don’t own a pair, I highly suggest you get a pair and add them to your safety kit. You should never count on another motorist to have a set of jumper cables for you to borrow, carry your own. They’re inexpensive and could mean the difference between a helpful motorist helping you get your car started or paying a tow truck to do it. Make sure you also know the right way to jumpstart your car.

Now that you have the basics, Pack it all up. Put everything into a sturdy box or plastic bin and pop it in the trunk or back seat. Hopefully you’ll never need to use it, but you’ll be thankful you have your winter emergency car kit if you do find yourself stranded.


Install My GMC or My Buick App.

Have you installed your MY GMC or MY BUICK app yet?

These new apps combine the usefulness of the Remotelink app, with the support of the “My GMC” or “My Buick” apps, putting valuable information at your fingertips in real time!

With anytime access to digital owners manuals, dealership contact and booking info, WIFI services, and much much more!

Simply search for and install your FREE, ALL-NEW “My GMC” or “My Buick” app in your device’s app store TODAY! Or you can click this link

The MY GMC and MY BUICK comes free in new vehicles*, however you can still get it in older vehicles * . Click this link and select your vehicle’s model year to see if it’s compatible with the myGMC/myBuick mobile app. 



*Some features require active OnStar service, or a paid OnStar service plan for functionality.

At Davis GMC Buick we are always here to help for more information, please contact Davis GMC Lethbridge @ 403-329-4444 and ask to talk with one of our sales representatives.

Buying a truck online.

Purchasing a Vehicle Online.

Purchasing a Vehicle Online | Brent Miller

Over the last 10 years nothing has had a bigger effect in our day to day lives then the internet, and  the auto industry is no different.  From pricing to customer reviews to advertising, the internet has become a whole entire vehicle (get it?) for auto dealers.  The one biggest benefit of car shopping on the internet is that geographic boundaries no longer exist.  Customers can filter their searches down to exact make, model, year and price, then begin the buying process. Our large inventory and competitive pricing lands many customers from all over North America each day on our web page inquiring about buying a vehicle. The internet sales team helps local customers who may not have  the time to visit us in person, or perhaps prefer to shop from rt the comfort of their own home and also helps customers from literally all over North America who prefer to experience the Davis Difference.

Francois and Manon flew into Edmonton from Blainville QC, and then had their son drive them down to Lethbridge (through the Rockies) to come pick up their 2015 GMC Sierra 2500. They said that the selection and service that we provided far exceeded anything back home, as the dealerships there have limited used trucks available due to most being shipped to the US. Thanks so much Francois & Manon for making the trip and choosing Davis GMC Buick!

Francois and Manon flew into Blainville QC, to come pick up their 2015 GMC Sierra 2500. They said that the selection and service that we provided far exceeded anything back home, as the dealerships there have limited used trucks available due to most being shipped to the US.

We have had customers from all over Canada fly in, drive in, get dropped off, we even had one send an employee in on a Greyhound to pick up his new truck. We’ve sold to customers from 8 different provinces and two territories in the past year as well as to many in the Western US.  Now you may be skeptical as to who would by a vehicle, especially a used one, unseen, not driven,  over the internet?  Well beyond (and in conjunction with)the internet, cell phones have impacted our lives as much as anything and again the auto industry is included in this as well.  Having the ability to shoot videos, send photos, exchange texts and email documents gives customers a virtual tour/ showing of the vehicle and allows us to provide Car Proof reports, do trade appraisals and show sales quotes.  A couple of quick phone conversations with our finance manager and its as simple as that.  Often times many of our internet customers do not see their new vehicle until they arrive at the dealership to pick it up or until it is delivered to their driveway or an exchange is made at a predetermined meeting place. 

Our Certified Pre Owned program combined with our extensive re conditioning process allows for peace of mind purchasing of used vehicles.  We have a professionally trained, knowledgeable and well versed Internet Sales Team that uses succinct, permission based engagement from real people (not computers, although we do use computers…).  As well, given the warranty options available through our finance office and our offering of vehicle protection packages, Davis Buick GMC is a leader in online vehicle shopping.  If you are considering a new or used vehicle, why not shop in your pajamas, visit and let our Internet Sales Team help you out.  You can also message (and Like) us on Facebook at “Davis GMC Buick Internet Sales Team”. 

Brent Miller | Internet Sales Consultant at Davis GMC Buick.



Winter Driving Tips


Winter Is Still Here | Byron White

It is important respect the weather conditions for your safety and the safety of everyone around you.

Here are some Winter Driving Safety Tips:

  • Start by fully cleaning off your vehicle.  All windows , turn indicators, and lights must be completely exposed for safe driving.
  • Next, let your vehicle warm up for at least 5-10 minutes to make sure all your heaters are working and so your engine is ready to face the elements.
  • Always, keep a safe driving distance.
  • Keep your speed down.
  • Be sure your vehicle is equip with proper winter or all season tires and keep a safety kit in your vehicle in case you get stranded.

Winter driving requires your cooperation, please take in consideration these winter driving tip to help keep everyone safe on the roads.

Stay Safe 🙂

Byron White
Sales Consultant
Davis GMC Buick Ltd.


Extend My Remote Start Time.


Dear Jarrett,
BURR, it’s COLD out! Can I extend my remote start time?
Fogged up in Fairmont

Extending Remote Start Time
You can use your remote to extend the run time of the remote start event. Reprogramming the computer for a longer run time is not an option at this time. The Remote Vehicle Start(RVS) function allows engine starting while not in the vehicle. It also allows the vehicle HVAC system and other vehicle systems to enable, providing a comfortable vehicle upon entry.

RVS functions have an operating range of up to 195 feet, depending on conditions. The RVS sequence begins by pressing and releasing the lock button and then pressing and holding the RVS buttons on the keyless entry transmitter. The turn signal lamps will illuminate to indicate the vehicle has received the remote start request. Each time an RVS is performed, the vehicle doors are locked, however they may then be unlocked/locked with the transmitter or vehicle key at any time. Once activated, the engine is allowed to run for 10 minutes.

The RVS time may be extended by an additional 10 minutes by again pressing and releasing the lock button and then pressing and holding the RVS buttons on the transmitter. This feature is called a “RVS continue” and allows a maximum of 20 minutes of engine running. If the RVS continue is performed at 7 minutes into the initial 10 minute time-out, a total of 17 minutes of engine running would occur.

The RVS event may be suspended at any time by pressing only the RVS button on the transmitter or by entering the vehicle and turning ON the hazard lamps.

In between ignition cycles, only 2 RVS events may occur or be attempted. Once 2 events or attempts have been made, future RVS events will be suspended until the vehicle is started using the ignition.


Fall in Love with Buick Regal Turbo


20161102-20161102-IMG_978610 Reasons to fall in love with the Buick Regal Turbo | by Rebekah Crabb

Here are some reasons why I love my Buick Regal! No more is this just a car for our experienced generation, but a car that everyone of all ages will appreciate. 

#1) SLEEK STYLE: The body style of the regal is sleek, smooth, and luxurious. With its sharp lines, distinctive waterfall grille, and sophisticated look, this car is bound to turn heads! If you want a car that not only is classy on the exterior, but also the interior, you want a Buick. 

#2) LUXURY INTERIOR: Buick has always styled the interior of the vehicle to speak for itself. With the soft touch moldings and high quality leather, this car takes away the look and feel of plastic pieces. You can not only see the quality that they put into their cars, but can also feel that as well. The wood trim details also add and carry the luxurious feel all the way around! 

#3) POWER: 2.0L Turbocharged engine gives you more gusto when out on the road! If you have a bit of a lead foot, like I do, it is very easy to get used to the power that the turbo gives you! With 259 HP and 295 lb-ft of torque, I have no issues passing other vehicles on the highway. 

#4) INTELLILINK INFOTAINMENT: I now have my phone, my music and my navigation right at my fingertips! For being a first time BlueTooth user, I couldn’t get over how easy and fast it was to sync my phone and start listing to my music! Don’t want to listen to your phone anymore? A quick click of a button and now I can choose between radio, CD, my I-pod or Sirius Satellite radio which I have 3 months free! Plus, when you have Navigation, Buick now enables you to save up to 60 favorites which can include: Contacts from your phone, songs, artists, destinations, and even a generic destination like “Tim Hortons” or “Starbucks”! It will then show you all the Tim Hortons or Starbucks in that city/town. 

#5) COMFORT: Leather seats are where it’s at! Buick definitely uses high quality leather and cushioning when it comes to their seats. Along with having lumbar support, tilt, and 8 other power options, these seats have been extremely comfortable on long drives. Don’t forget about the heated seats! Having 3 heat levels is the ‘icing on the cake’. 

#6) SMOOTH RIDE: Built with the available option of AWD, which I have, Buick’s suspension system is perfectly tuned to balance the comfort of a smooth ride, with  precise handling and powerful braking. Great for long trips or just to unwind on the open road.

#7) THE BUICK REMOTE LINK APP: Imagine having the ultimate key fob as an app on your phone. With the Remote Link app you can not only start/shut off your vehicle via this app, but can also unlock/lock, check your fuel range, flash & honk your horn, send directions to your vehicle, schedule a service appointment, check your OnStar Account and much more! It is a neat little tool to use and is completely free for 5 years! 

#8) SAFETY: There are many new available features such as forward collision alert, front and rear park assist, lane departure warning and side blind zone alert, which help to keep you focused and to make you more aware of your surroundings. They do help with the safety of ourselves and passengers, but does not replace my own responsibility to drive safe on the road! 

#9) WARRANTY: Buick has a great line up for warranty on their vehicles, When you purchase new, you also receive 2 year/48,000kms Lube Oil Filter Maintenance pkg!  They have a 4 year/80,000km New Vehicle Warranty, and then a 6 year/110,000kms PowerTrain Limited Warranty! Everything to keep you covered if you have any issues on your vehicle within that time!

#10) ONSTAR/WIFI: Along with having OnStar in your vehicle, Buick has now updated to a 4G network which allows your to hook up to WiFi right within your vehicle. It used the data from your OnStar account instead of the data off your phone. If you have a passenger that would like to use their Ipad for a long trip, no problem! Each WiFi account is personalized for each vehicle with its own username and password that you as the customer select. 

I could go on and on about the benefits that come with owing such a beautiful luxury vehicle, but I would be here for awhile! As Buick has made changes to their vehicles to keep up with the demands of our technology driven world, I am excited to see what they come out with in the future. If you are at all intrigued by Buick’s lineup of vehicles, I challenge you to come in and allow yourself a chance to get hooked on this car like I have! 


Auto 101 with Chelsea. Engine Oil.

Do I need to check my engine oil?

Your oil life monitor will let you know when it is time to change your oil, but it doesn’t know the level. It is a good idea to check the level when fueling up and keep it topped off.  Make sure the oil is between the upper and lower cross-hatch or dot marks on the dipstick.

Time for an oil change?

Davis GMC Buick located in Lethbridge, Alberta services all makes and models of vehicles.

Book an appointment.


Important update for OnStar Remotelink App.

Important news update from GM:GM APP

Do you use the OnStar Remotelink app?  If so, we have great news!

The OnStar Remotelink app will soon be phased out, so customers are urged to download, for FREE, their ALL-NEW brand specific “My GMC” or “My Buick” app!

These new apps combine the usefulness of the Remotelink app, with the support of the “My GMC” or “My Buick” apps, putting valuable information at your fingertips in real time!

With anytime access to digital owners manuals, dealership contact and booking info, WIFI services, and much much more!

Simply search for and install your FREE, ALL-NEW “My GMC” or “My Buick” app in your device’s app store TODAY! Or you can click this link

At Davis GMC Buick we are always here to help for more information, please contact Davis GMC Lethbridge @ 403-329-4444 and ask to talk with one of our sales representatives.




TOP 5 GM Movie Stars- by Cole Balog


Everyone enjoys a classic movie but, a lot of people have no idea that we are continually being exposed to the persuasion of everyday marketing. GMC has been one of those companies that has continually placed its product in the limelight for millions of people to see up close and personal. Below you will find the top five movies in which GM products are readily available to view in non stop action. 

1) In 2007 the movie Transformers came out and was a record shattering blockbuster in its time. This movie has an obvious case of product placement in where it displays the Chevrolet Camaro as the transformer character Bumblebee. If a person does not want to hop into a Camaro after this display of theatrics they should check themselves into crazy town right after the movie.

2) The Lethal Weapon Series has to be one of the all time classics for the male population. This four movie series gives you comedy, girls, action, and best of all; the continual depiction of the GMC pickup in the late 80’s. Mel Gibson can be seen driving this truck all over the road and the combination of Mel Gibson’s character and this large dualie pickup make you want to grab a bottle of whiskey, some dog treats, a gun, and hit the back country for some four by fouring.

3) In Smokey and the Bandit the black T-top Trans Am Pontiac can be seen cruising at all speeds up and down the highway, back country, and inner cities. After the premier of Smokey and the Bandit, GM witnessed the number Trans Ams sold rise from 46,701 in 1976 to 93,341 in 1978, this being proof that product placement does work.

4) After the success of the Trans Am in Smokey and the Bandit GM decided to test out the concept of product placement on the big screen by displaying the Trans Am once again in the always famous television series Knight Rider, where a Trans Am named KITT becomes a talking car that fights crime. How do things get better than this?

5) Ok, I lied I can only think of four movies/TV series where the GM product is displayed in obvious fashion but, I never said I was a genius at the beginning of this either. 

Cole Balog

Davis GMC Buick- Sales & Lease Consultant