WINNER!!! Most difficult sport to go professional in!?

Winner Announced:

George McCrea is our $25 Sport Chek Gift Card winner! George along with other suggested “Golf” as the most difficult sport to go pro in! George was the only one who emailed in as well wrote on our wall!

Enjoy George! Come in to Davis and Reception will have your Gift Card waiting for you. Take Care!


We want to give away a $25 SportChek gift card! Winner will be announced on Friday May 31st/2011!


Email me a sport that would be the most difficult to go pro in at !!!!

– On our Facebook wall, name any athlete in the sport that you feel is the most difficult to go pro in. eg If you choose hockey your athlete name could be Wayne Gretzky. Or if you chose football, your athletes name could be Joe Montana!

How we will choose a winner!

If hockey is chosen 9 times as the most difficult sport to go pro in, and football is chosen 11 times. Those who submitted football will be entered into a draw for a SportChek gift card!  Chat with your friends, ask them which sport they feel is the most difficult to go professional in! The more people to vote on the “most difficult sport to go professional in” the better your chances are to be entered into the draw!

– Our status update will be checked at 4pm on Friday!
– Due to Facebook promotion rules, the winner will be announced here! We will however let you know that a winner has been chosen on our wall with a link to see whose the big winner!


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