Buick Regal Review Alberta

Why you should buy a Buick Regal

My name is Jordan Scott, I am the Digital Marketing Director for the Davis Automotive Group and wanted to take a second an share with you my thoughts about the Buick Regal. 
I took this picture last summer. It’s one of my favourites.
Although I am not a sales person, I do own and love my 2011 Buick Regal Turbo. As SOON as my lease is up I guarantee that I will be buying another. This time it’ll be the 2014 All-Wheel Drive Buick Regal.

I can start off by saying, that the Buick Regal is a very fancy looking car but it is not the look that I am in love with – It is it’s performance. The Regal picks up and goes better than any vehicle I’ve driven, and at high speeds the handling is just as smooth as if I were driving at 50/km an hour. In good driving conditions, icy or wet I feel very comfortable driving my front wheel drive Regal; again can’t wait to get an All-Wheel Drive Regal.

Believe it or not, I get so many compliments owning a Regal. It’s awesome because I’ll drive by so many people young and old and each check out the car, then take a peek at the driver. Everyone always seems pleasantly surprised that someone of my age is the owner.

The interior is huge, extremely comfortable and looks like a rocket ship. There are many vehicles out there that seat 5 people, but very rarely do they seat 5 comfortably. The Buick Regal does. The trunk  is big enough for all of my stuff. It’ll hold my hockey equipment and my golf clubs, all the while my large Labradoodle sits comfortably stretched out across the back seat.

I would recommend to anyone they should buy a Buick Regal. You won’t be disappointed! There is no such thing as buyer’s remorse with this vehicle!!

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