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Full time Fleet and Commercial Manager, Part time blogger and auto enthusiast Marc Cote has been test driving our 2007 Used GMC Yukon for Sale.  You might actually need to convince Marc to sell this Yukon as it sounds  like he and his family like it enough to buy it for themselves.

2007 GMC Yukon
Davis GM, Lethbridge
Price: $33,495
Kilometers: > 100,000km
Stock Number: 88664

Marc Cote 403 317- 5948
Fleet and Commercial Manager

Good morning bloggers!

Well, I had another chance to check out another Certified used vehicle.

This time she was a 2007 GMC Yukon XL, with the 5.3 l active fuel management engine in her.  This baby has the ability to drop down and use only 4 out of 8 cylinders when able…determined by torque requirements or so they tell me….anyway a pretty cool technological advantage / ability that SAVES me money!

Seating for Everyone + More.

It was a big beast, being the XL…comfortable seating for 8… I know why my farmers and my Hutterite customers love them.  We packed the whole family with my wife Dana, and my 3 kids, AND 2 of their friends….and we still had one seat left…and room for some hockey bags in the back!

Feel like watching a movie?

The first thing that I noticed on her is that she is absolutely fully loaded Yukon (unlike my Vibe….which could also fit in the back of this puppy), including navigation, heated leather seating that my kids really love, and a sunroof that we had open for the entire ride – taking advantage of this beautiful weather we have been having in Southern Alberta.

When I put her into gear for the first time, I noticed that she was a very ‘tight’ feeling machine, there was NO slop at all in the ignition or the gear shifting.  For just under 100,000 KM’s, this tells me she was taken care of very well, or driven many highway miles versus in-town driving.

She has a white exterior that can hold a lot of dirt and still not look all that bad, and she can be dressed up quickly by adding a stripe package from any of our friendly custom vehicle shop.

Optimized and Reliable and Smells Great.

The ball joints were replaced, as well as several other minor mechanical issues during the Certifiedprocess, and she drove without any vibration at all and now qualifies for an extended services contract to bring peace of mind in ownership.

She smells and looks like new, and I would recommend this beauty to any of my valued customers.

So if a comfortable ride that can fit the whole team attracts you, please give Marc Côté a call for more details, or to set-up a demo ride, as it will be my pleasure to show you how easy it is to become a completely satisfied customer, here at Davis GMC on HWY 3, in the Lethbridge AutoMall.
Marc Cote 403 317- 5948
Fleet and Commercial Manager

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