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Marc Cote Says: Buy a Buick Regal

There is a common misconception out there that a Buick is only for older people.  This stereotype may have been accurate 10 years ago it is not the same today!
The Buick line up has always provided consumers with a more refined rid, and the Buick line up has always had more design engineering specific to smoother suspensions and quieter acoustics than the GMC or Chevrolet counterparts.
The new Buick lineup still includes those qualities, but the enhancements have definitely been steering Buick towards the younger, more demanding consumer.
Take my 2011 Buick Regal Ti Turbo 6 speed manual for example.  When people go to jump in my car, I normally get a comment about how old I am getting and that my car really suits me.  So just for fun, I normally give them 3 gears of solid rubber with the traction control turned off and I crank the distortion free stereo all the way to 45 with some AC/DC rocking out their ear drums.  I find that when I hit 5th gear and they realize there is still another gear left…they normally reach for the volume control button themselves and ask me to please slow down.  On more than a few of these occasions, all my occupant could say was “Wow – can I drive?!
That “Wow” is how I describe the new Buick Regal to my customers, and this car gets my highest recommendation, and when my lease expires I will be looking for another! Maybe you can pick up my used Buick Regal once my lease is up. Let me know!!
The newer Regals have significantly more power than mine does, and the sound system and the technology enhancements are world class. Buick’s have always had powerful warranties and they continue to lead our GM line up.
The Buick Regal was originally developed from the Opel Insignia.  The Opel Insignia won the European Car of the Year in 2011, and was specifically designed to be driven on the Autobahn.  In 6thgear, running right around 80 mph my tach sits very close to 2300 RPM and gets me over 30 mpg at those speeds.  I found this out on my way to Phoenix last year – those speed limits through Utah are fantastic and really showed me what my Buick sedan was designed for!  My Regal can achieve around 40 MPG, but that would be with someone else driving as I cannot seem to keep that turbo from winding up when I am behind the wheel. I just wish I could drive my Buick Regal in Calgary in the same way as I did Utah.
So next time you are considering a new sedan, please give me a call and it will be my pleasure to take you for a ride in a new Regal so that you can experience this “Wow” and we can feel young again
1 (403) 329-4444 | Lethbridge, Alberta

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