Halloween Hot Rods and Custom Vehicles

Happy Halloween Everyone!
We have found some of the coolest Halloween inspired vehicles for you to check out! Get into the spirit of the season with these amazing and creative vehicles:
Halloween Hot Rod – This beautiful Halloween themed Hot Rod is sure to turn everyone’s heads any time of year, not just Halloween!
X-Wing Del Sol – This car is amazing, it even has the rebel insignia and an astromech droid on the trunk!
Ghostbusters Ecto-1 – If your chasing after some paranormal shenanigans, you will need this!

Batmobile Replica – Officially licensed by DC Comics, this Batmobile Replica comes equipped ith a 350 cubic-inch V8, a flashing red beacon, radar screen, and a functioning exhaust afterburner!

Ghost Rider Hellcycle – This awe-inspiring chopper may be worth making a deal with the devil to ride:

Scary Semi – This creepy semi looks like something