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At Davis GMC Buick, we focus on helping customers with poor credit or no credit get approved for auto financing when they have been turned down by the banks.  Davis GMC Buick says yes when others day no.  We want to get customers approved and get them on the road again.


If you have struggled with credit issues, you know bad credit can be a burden in life.  Whether you hope to get a mortgage, want to be able to buy nice things or need to get a new car, bad credit can keep you from doing those things.  Here are some reasons why good credit matters and how our Buy Here Pay Here program can help you fix your bad credit.


Without good credit, it is almost impossible to get a mortgage or purchase an electronic device like a television or stereo or an appliance.  Bad credit can also be keeping you from getting a better job.  Finally, bad credit can prevent you from getting a vehicle no matter how bad you need one.

Getting a vehicle from Davis GMC Buick can actually help you improve your credit.  We will report your account to the Trans Union credit bureau on a monthly basis.  By making your monthly payments, it improves your credit score.  Consistency is the key when it comes to rebuilding your credit.  Improving your credit will take dedication, time and good financial decision making until it is back in order.


When it comes to getting approved for a used car financing, many customers are unprepared for what they need to provide to the finance manager.  In order to make the approval process smooth and fast you should bring the following with you when you come in:

-Valid Alberta Drivers License

-2 Current paystubs within 30 days to show proof of income

-A recent utility bill to show your current address

-A mortgage statement or rent receipt or cancelled check to show your monthly payment

-3 References – 2 Family and 1 Personal

These are just a few steps that you can take to help the approval process move efficiently.  The more prepared you are the faster the approval process can be.


Bad credit can have a bad effect on your life.  No matter the reasons, bad credit can add stress and difficulty on an already stressful situation.  Here are some reasons people develop bad credit:

  1. 1. Job Loss – Losing your job and needing to pay expenses with a credit card can be one of the easiest ways for bad credit to build up.
  2. 2. Divorce – A divorce may leave you stuck with legal fees, housing that you can’t afford, or being stuck with your ex’s debit
  3. 3. Illness, Accident or Death – Whether you yourself are sick or in an accident, or there is a death in the family, having to pay large bills at an unexpected time can really hit your credit score hard
  4. 4. Bad Spending/Over Spending – Sometimes people just spend too much.  Whether it is purchasing electronics or clothes or other means of poor spending decisions, bad credit can sneak up on anyone.

We’re Here to Help

Now you have fallen into a hole.  How can you get yourself out and buy a car?  Contact Jodie Monaghan at Davis GMC Buick at 403-329-4444.  We give customers with poor credit a chance at getting the used vehicle they need with a monthly payment plan that they can afford.  We understand that bad things happen to good people.

With our BUY HERE PAY HERE PROGRAM we can help customers buy a quality used car, van,  or Suv with a low down payment and payments that fit their budget.

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