Blizzard of Cash

Blizzard Of Cash


Come on in during the month of January and give our Blizzard of Cash a go with any vehicle purchase! Step into our Money Tunnel where you can grab cash and save up to $1000 dollars. Take the savings into your own hands and have fun in a blizzard of money!
  • Money machine must be operated by an attendant at all times in order to be used.
  • Safety glasses are required for all participants.
  • While inside the money machine, participants must stand in the center of the machine and face forward. Vouchers/bills should be caught in the air only.
  • Participants must not trap vouchers/bills against the roof, walls, or body, and they cannot bend at the waist or knees to pick up voucher/bills from the floor.
  • Have fun!



*Contestants must be in good physical condition to participate. Persons with back, neck, knee or joint injury, respiratory problems or who may be pregnant should not participate. If you are currently under medical care, please consult your physician before participating in this event.