Best Accessories for My New Truck.

You just purchased your new truck, what are the best accessories that can be added to protect your truck and make it more convenient before you take it home?

2024 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali in Lethbridge, Alberta

Purchasing a truck can sometimes feel overwhelming with lots of decisions to be made. Often adding important accessories to protect and improve the longevity of your truck or make it more convenient can be over looked.  Below are a few types of accessories that an individual might want to consider adding to their truck before they take it home.

Mud-flaps or Splash Guards.

Mud-flaps/Splash Guards can be one of the easiest ways to protect the body and paint of your truck. Here at Davis GMC Buick, we often recommend the Gator Back mud-flap as the number one way to prevent rock chip on the lower part of the body of your truck as well as prevent your truck from throwing rocks at the vehicle behind.

Gatorback Mud-flaps Front and Back

Gator Back Mud-flaps/Splash Guards front and back.

Gatorback Splash Guard

If the Gator Back mud-flap seem like they are a bit on the heavy duty side for your type of driving, the moulded flaps are a great second option to have installed on your truck. By searching your truck model under our Truck Accessories you can find the different types of mud-flaps/splash guards we carry for your truck model.

Moulded Mud-flaps/ Splash Guards.

Moulded Mud-flaps/ Splash Guards.

Running Boards or Side-Steps.

It seems as time passes trucks keep getting bigger and harder to get into or maybe I’m just getting shorter? Not to worry, we have a solution and that solution is running boards. There are a few different types of styles of running boards but, all boards provide the same convenience. Our accessories department carry both GM and after market brands.

Running Board for GMC Sierra

Tonneau Covers.

In this day and age a truck box is often used as trunk is in a car; storing golf clubs, hockey bag, groceries or luggage. To protect these items from the weather and keep them safe, we recommend purchasing a tonneau cover (box cover) along side your deal. There are numerous brands that offer tonneau covers but the two most often purchased by our customers are the BakFlip MX-4 tri-fold tonneau cover and the X15 Truxedo soft roll-up tonneau cover.

Truxedo X15 soft-roll up tonneau cover

Truxedo X15 soft-roll up tonneau cover

BakFilp MX4 Tri-fold Toneau Cover

BakFilp MX4 Tri-fold Toneau Cover

Find the right truck tonneau cover for your lifestyle with our accessories finder or send me a message , I can help! 

Floor Liners or  All-Weather Mats. 

Last, but not least, are floor liners/all-weather floor mats. They are a necessary accessories for your new truck.  In southern Alberta, weather can go from sunshine to muck within 5 minutes. When this happens, it is never fun to step into your new truck with your muddy muck boots!  Floor mats are the best solution to protect your trucks carpeting. Some of the floor mat designs offer the benefit of custom-designed raised sides to help ensure maximum carpet coverage and provide a barrier to help keep mud, snow, water and debris contained for easy cleaning.

Floor Liners - Front Premium All Weather, W/O Console, GMC Logo, Jet Black

Floor Liners – Front Premium All Weather

What truck accessory do you recommend for a new truck? Tell us in the comments!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me. 

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