Back it up!

Backing out of your parking spot at the mall or pulling out of your garage can be a stressful experience.  You already know that when reversing from these tight spots your visibility is reduced dramatically.  What you may not know that the majority of minor fender benders and accidents occur in parking lots.

The majority of people will drive right into a parking space, saving them time and anxiety.  If they are driving into their spot avoiding these things, they will likely return to the same situation, same feelings and same amount of time reversing out of your spot, maybe more.

There are a few reasons why you should begin backing your vehicle into your parking spot.  First, when you locate your parking spot you are currently in an active traffic area.  Your brain is aware that there are parked vehicles, moving vehicles and pedestrians.  Basically, your mind is already in the zone if you will.  Backing into your spot when parking you become more aware of obstacles around you.

The benefit to this is might not come immediately.  You may even feel that it was a waste of your time.  If you really think about it, it is much easier to drive out of a parking spot.  Also, when you are walking to your vehicle after you’ve left the mall or grocery store, your mind is more lackadaisical.  You are more likely to not be aware of the cart behind you.   You are more likely to rush out of your spot (in reverse!) where you will spending less time making sure your front corner wont hit their bumper.  Backing out of your spot you are going to need to back up at least 4 feet before you can see on coming traffic.

There isn’t soo many reasons why one should back in a vehicle – but if it is going to reduce stress and minor accidents, why wouldn’t you?

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