Apple fixes iphone/ Bluetooth issue.

Do you own a GM vehicle with a touch screen stereo?

Do you have your iPhone paired up to use the Bluetooth system?

Since around Christmas time, have you experienced an issue in which, after using the Bluetooth system, your stereo defaults to your phone as the audio source (ie:you are listening to your favorite station on the radio, you make or receive a Bluetooth phone call, hang up, and then stereo stays on your phone instead of going back to the radio)?

Well then we have great news for you!  On March 22nd, 2016, a new iPhone update was released, called iOS 9.3, that will fix your issue!

 Just follow these easy steps:

1) Plug your iPhone in to charge the battery before beginning this process

(it is always best to have your iPhone plugged in to perform any updates, to avoid the phone dying halfway through the update)

2) Click on the “Settings” icon on your phone

2) Scroll down and click on the “General” tab

3) Look for “Software Update”, and click that tab

4) Install the update to iOS 9.3, and this should fix the issue

 Make sure you tell any friends and family that may have been affected by this issue as well 🙂

Jarrett King- Davis GMC Buick- Vehicle Delivery Specialist