500 Fans iPod Touch Give-Away

Over the course of the last few months or so we recognized how many people like Davis GMC Buick.  In the last month alone we had well over 100 people find out Facebook page and “Like” us.

We went through a few different phases to reach 500.  We first offered an iPod Shuffle and thought, “Hey, 500 fans is pretty decent, let do something better”.   We got rid of the iPod shuffle ad and decided to give our fans a iPod Touch.  This gave us some pretty good feedback but we got hung up around 400ish.

We then created the 500 Likes in 7 days challenge where we would give away two major prizes. Those two major prizes, consisted of the original iPod Touch, but we also added a Cisco Flip Cam! Many of you worked very  hard to get us to 500 in 7 days but fell short at 470!!!

Long story short everyone participated giving helping us reach our milestone of 500 fans!!! We thought we should tell you that we could’nt find the iPod touch that was advertised on tv for the passed year 🙁  So replace that and went out and purchased a 4th Generation iPod Touch!

PAUL ROCCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You won a 4th Generation iPod Touch!!!!! Now you can listen to tunes, record video, play games, even have face-time calling with a wi-fi connection!!!!!!!

Congratulations Paul, come in to Davis GMC and we’ll hand ya that iPod Touch.

Davis GMC Buick
115 w.t. Hill Blvd S
1 866 626-0577

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